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Part 1

“Go on and help yourself. I’ll go get you a set of keys.” Jensen watched as Jared stood and walked over to the back of the kitchen where the laundry room was. Jensen bit into another cookie then picked up the glass of milk, and downed the rest just as Jared called out. “Remember the alarm codes are on the shelf of the first cabinet above the washer, sitting under the garage door opener if you end up going out.” When Jared came back he handed Jensen the keys and picked up his empty glass setting it in the sink. “By the way, there’s more milk if you’d like in the refrigerator out in the garage. Personally I can’t have Sam’s cookies without a few glasses of milk.”

Jensen laughed because he felt the same, the combination was irresistible. In his palm, Jensen stared at the key ring holding two keys, each had a laminated head: one red the other green. Before he had a chance to ask, Jared answered. “The red key is for the top lock and the green for the bottom. They also fit the back door locks.” Coming back to the table, Jared stood bracing his arms on the back of his chair. “Now remember help yourself to anything.” He reached out behind him and tapped the refrigerator indicating the list posted there before he continued on. “All the numbers you might need are listed here – just call and leave a message. If I don’t pick up it probably means I’m in a meeting, so text me, okay? Day or night, all right?”

“Got it, I’m sure we won’t have any problems, Mr. Padalecki…”

“Hey I thought we talked about that, it's Jared, remember?”

Embarrassed, Jensen bobbed his head. “Yes sir. Sorry! I mean Jared. Honestly you don’t have to worry, I’m happy to take care of Harley and I really appreciate the opportunity you’ve given me.”

Jared laughed, smiling. “Trust me I’m not worried, besides it's worked out for both of us.” He looked up at the clock. “Damn I gotta get going.” He walked out to the living room to stand by the front door and waited as Jensen followed. He clasped Jensen’s shoulder adding, “I’m sure you’ll do great.” Looking down he addressed Harley. “All right boy, Daddy’s got to go” Jared bent down and briskly petted Harley. “You be a good boy.” Jared leaned in and spoke—loudly enough for Jensen to hear—but spoke as if he was conspiring with Harley. “Break him in easy, okay? I think he’s worth keeping around.”

Jared looked up to meet Jensen’s gaze. Jensen fought the blush that threatened and lost. He was overly pleased that Jared appeared to be seriously considering offering him a permanent position as Harley’s dog walker and sitter. Jared’s smile widened dramatically showing off his dimples as he stood. “All right I’ll see you both, in a few days.”

With one last brush of his fingers behind Harley’s ears, Jared got up then clasped Jensen’s arm as he passed him before bending down to grab his briefcase and suitcase by the door.

Jensen stood there with Harley at his side, feeling awkward itching to wave good-bye as Jared drove away but wasn’t sure it was appropriate.

Once Harley trotted away, Jensen closed the door following him. “So Harley what do you want to do? Huh, maybe go for a walk?”

Harley stood there, his head tilted to one side staring at him.

“Hmm, all right not a walk, how about catch? Want to play ball?”

Clearly Harley understood and wagged his tail then spun around excitedly barking.

Feeling good, Jensen clapped, egging him on. “Okay, come on, go get your ball and we’ll go outside.”

Harley didn’t need any more encouragement and quickly got the ball he wanted to play with. He held it in his mouth, clenching his jaw and making it squeak loudly.

Jensen opened the sliding doors and headed for the yard ready to play catch. He was nearly as excited as Harley, thankful he answered the advert four days ago for the position of a temporary dog-walker.


Jensen had considered it a lucky day when he had gone in to pick up his vitamins; Misha had overheard him complaining to Tom on his cell about needing a job. When he hung up Misha had given him a heads up about the ad. After calling, Jensen made an appointment to meet Jared at his office.

At first, it was a typical job interview. On the day of the interview Jensen sat in the reception room filling out an application before he was called into Jared’s office where he met Mr. Jared Padalecki for the first time.

The man stood, coming around his desk to shake Jensen’s hand. Jensen smiled, but he couldn’t help but be a little startled as Mr. Padalecki got closer and Jensen’s eyes went up and up as his head tilted back. Too often Jensen was the tallest in the room, but next to Jared, between his broad linebacker shoulders and added height he put Jensen to shame and made him feel small. Sitting down again they exchanged typical pleasantries about how Jensen heard about the job and why he was interested as Jared offered Jensen a glass of milk. Out of politeness Jensen accepted the drink.

Jared joked that his momma drummed it into him how milk was good for him. Smirking, he added that in his case it seemed to pay off.

When Jared sat back down, the interview started. It was a short conversation about as short as Jensen's entries on the application. Jared paused and turned the paper over twice like he expected something to suddenly appear.

Nervous his mouth parched, Jensen took long swallows of the milk and watched with dread; suddenly overly anxious that maybe he'd made a horrible mistake. At eighteen he had only held two other jobs in his life: a newspaper boy for a number of years then as a waiter that lasted barely a month before he was fired. Balancing more than two plates in each hand definitely wasn’t one of his talents. Basically he had no work history and worse he’d never worked or been around dogs before. He was young when he lost his family in a car accident.
Then after the accident he had moved from one foster family to another where personal pets were not allowed, and now that he was living in the dorms it was impracticable.

Self-conscious Jensen fidgeted in his seat, trying to explain himself to Jared. His words ran together and tumbled out of Jensen’s mouth about why he was interested in the job and taking care of Jared’s dog when he’d never been around dogs before.

Jared listened and seemed to take everything in, nodding in all the right places. However when he didn’t make eye-contact Jensen started to worry that he'd lost his chance as Jared continued to stare blankly at Jensen’s pathetically short application.

Abruptly the door opened and Harley charged in.

The atmosphere suddenly lightened under the dog’s antics as Jared smiled brightly turning his attention to Harley.

Harley went to Jared first, but soon swung back to Jensen and immediately buried his nose in Jensen’s crotch, sniffing.

Unable to close his legs, Jensen laughed and took it in his stride as he petted Harley talking to him, telling him what a good boy he was even after he couldn’t dislodge Harley’s nose. Slowly Jensen stood, but never hesitated as he continued to pet Harley.

Jared seemed pleased with his reaction even as Harley walked around him and proceeded to sniff Jensen’s ass. Though slightly jittery Jensen held his ground and continued to pet Harley, even as he tried to discretely redirect Harley’s nose.

For the first time, Jared laughed and seemed to relax as he got up and moved around his desk to sit on the corner while he watched and continued to talk. Said Harley was sometimes a bit rambunctious, and asked if Jensen would have a problem with that?

The question alone perked Jensen’s attitude that maybe he hadn’t blown his chance of landing the job. He smiled and shook his head no, as he continued to awkwardly pet Harley who stood behind him, nosing his ass then verbally answered, “No.” and physically turned around to face Harley as he squatted down. Harley proceeded to enthusiastically lick his face.

Jared appeared impressed. Told him straight out Harley meant the world to him. Jared’s voice lowered in sincerity as he said whenever Harley got a bit excited, Jared spoiled and catered to Harley’s wants and rarely denied him anything – something Harley’s previous sitter didn’t respect. Jensen looked up trying to gage Jared’s meaning. It was obvious by Jared’s tone he was serious and that he was trying to convey some important underlining message here.

Jensen held Jared’s gaze. He knew the man was trying to determine something important about him. What Jensen got from the examination was if he wanted the job and he did part of the job description was if Harley wanted to sniff him up from time to time then Harley was allowed to sniff. As quickly as the thought occurred, Harley demanded his attention and he obeyed by braking eye contact with Jared.

Jared laughed again and firmly told Harley to let Jensen sit down. He then refilled their glasses offering one to Jensen. “This just might work out.” He clicked his glass and told Jensen to drink up as he went to sit back down in his chair.

Overly pleased Jensen tried to hide his smile by empting the glass. He didn’t get how or why some rich people went overboard indulging their pets and wondered if Jared was as crazy as those woman he had seen on some tabloid show: the ones who carried their dogs around in their purse all day or pushed larger dogs around in a sort of baby stroller. He dug a nail into his palm to keep himself from bursting out in laughter at the image of Jared wheeling Harley around. Fuck or worse himself.

He didn't even remember if he said anything after that, but Harley’s actions toward him seemed to have decided it for Jared as his entire demeanor changed when he affably sat back and continued to explain the job.

The meeting ended on a good note. Jared told him, he’d have to check Jensen’s references and background, but he’d give him a call in the next couple of days either way.

Leaving the meeting, Jensen had high hopes, but when he didn’t hear from Jared when he had expected to, he thought he'd lost the job. However Jared did call. Not only did Jared offer him the job, but Jared was hoping due to an unexpected business trip he’d be available to house-sit over the weekend even offered extra money since it’d hit into the beginning of spring break.

The next morning Jensen arrived at Jared's house with two backpacks, one jammed with clothes, the other books and his laptop.

Jared went through the house, explaining his duties: to walk Harley a minimum of twice a day, to incorporate active playtime utilizing various toys throughout the house, Harley’s feeding schedule, along with his specialized food preparation. On top of that Jensen had his own room, full use of the house, including Wi-Fi, the pool, and Jacuzzi.

Overall it was easily likely to be the most profitable not to mention the most enjoyable job Jensen’s ever had, and he's thankful that for once he had been in the right place at the right time.


With each throw, Harley would run, chasing after the ball. Jensen squatted down waiting for Harley’s return. He clapped, offering commentaries as Harley ran at full speed around the yard before returning to drop the ball at his feet, circling Jensen’s body eager to play again. “Good boy, here you go, go on go get it.” It was a game Harley was familiar with, and never seemed to tire of. In fact, Jensen was the first to call a halt and was too slow to stand as Harley barreled into him causing him to fall on his ass.

Harley didn’t pause as Jensen had his hands full with Harley who thought it was a new game. He wagged his tail, his body draped and stepping on Jensen body.

Jensen expelled an oomph, laughing as he tried unsuccessfully to disengage himself from Harley. It didn’t work, as Harley stepped and pressed his paws on and over Jensen’s body. Giving up Jensen just laid back and waited until Harley calmed down. Jensen’s grip shifted his fingers digging under Harley’s collar as he scratched and gently kneaded Harley’s neck.

Slowly Harley did calm down, and planted the bulk of his body down on top of Jensen’s body, pinning him to the ground. Above him Harley’s panted dog breath filled his lungs. They stayed like that for several minutes until Jensen couldn’t take it anymore—between Harley’s weight and the sun’s heat, Jensen was uncomfortably hot.

“Dude, air!”

Jensen shook his head, to get away from Harley’s doggie breath but he didn’t have the room to shake Harley off. “Seriously, we’re gonna have to look into brushing those teeth.” In turn Harley thought it was another game and started to lick his face and over his lips. Laughing, Jensen conceded, his hand moving briskly still hooked under Harley’s collar, tags jiggling. “Okay, okay I get it, I’m your bitch, but do you think you can get off me now?”

Harley barked then got up as if he understood. Jensen petted Harley’s flank as he sat up and swiped to dry his wet mouth with the crook of his arm.

Jensen eyes fell on the pool. He noticed there were no lounge chairs, but there were large padded cushions sprinkled artfully around the patio instead. He knew it’d feel great to just strip down and jump in. To cool off and get rid of the sweat, Harley’s drool and hair that he could feel clinging to his face and neck. He licked his lips and looked around.

Though Jared’s yard appeared to be as private as a yard could get, Jensen wasn’t a nudist and dismissed the idea of skinny-dipping as quickly as he thought of it, but he grinned as he conceded it wasn’t a bad idea just not for in the middle of the day. “How about a swim?” Harley circled around Jensen’s body brushing up against his legs.

“Okay then.” He reached down to pet him and got Harley’s ass. Harley stopped; his fronts legs lowered and he lifted up presenting his rear. Jensen scratched, and Harley pushed back, his tail excitedly slapping against Jensen’s legs.

Digging his nails in, Jensen watched, smirking, as Harley enjoyed the attention humping his ass back excited for more. Jensen slapped his ass playfully. “All right, let’s go get a drink then I’ll go change. Come on.” He moved toward the house, Harley right by his side.

Harley stayed with him all the way, first to the kitchen to refill the glass that was sitting by the sink, down to the guest room where he was staying. “Stay here I’ll be right out.” Jensen started to close the door but Harley wasn’t having it and pushed his way in. There was nowhere else to hide. Though there was a bathroom it had no door. He watched as Harley laid down resting his head on his paws and waited—watching him.

It took a moment before Jensen could move, and he berated himself for it. He stood there trying to dismiss the weirdness he felt. Of being overly self-consciousness, from feeling Harley’s eyes on him as he watched; the only excuse Jensen had was he'd never had a pet before to follow him around wherever he went.

Finally Jensen cursed at his embarrassment, and started to strip down and change into a pair of swimming trunks. Once he was dressed, Harley got up wagging his tail; Jensen laughed and shook his head realizing he was being an ass and grabbed his glass as he made his way back outside.

Jensen waited by the pool to see what Harley was going to do, but Harley just sat at Jensen's side looking up at him. Shaking his head, Jensen finished his drink, put the glass down then turned and ran to deep end, jumping in, his feet tucked under him as he did a canon ball. He couldn’t see how big of a splash he made, only feel the waves as they rolled back hitting him in the face when he broke the surface and bobbed in the water. Harley was running along the side of the pool from one end to the other animatedly barking.

Jensen splashed water, calling out for Harley to jump in. Finally Jensen got out and grabbed the ball before diving back in then he threw the ball toward the shallow end. Finally Harley used the stairs and got in, swimming toward the ball. They played until both were ready to collapse.

Exhausted Jensen lay down on one of the patio cushions and stretched out on his stomach, panting as he let the warmth of the sun dry him off. Harley shook himself, before he lay down beside Jensen.

Between the warmth of the cushion underneath him and the sun’s rays on his back, Jensen fell asleep.

He was slow to wake, aroused; not thinking as he rolled over, his hand on his cock pulling it free from his shorts. It wasn’t until he felt a wet tongue lick the back of his hand and subsequently his cockhead that Jensen opened his eyes, startled. He blinked against the blinding sun trying to remember where he was. Harley’s nose hit his knuckles and licked him again catching both his fingers and his cock.

Caught off guard, pleasure rippled through Jensen’s body, too shocked to do anything other than wrap his fingers tighter around his cock as he rode out his orgasm.

Jensen lay there blissed out panting, even as Harley continued to lick him clean. Under his clenched fist he started to get hard again. Suddenly Jensen opened his eyes and saw Harley. His eyes drifted downward and saw Harley’s red cock poking through his sheath. Mortified Jensen sat up and pushed Harley away. He got up, running into the house to his room.

He barely registered Harley’s whine of protest or the scrabble of nails on the wood floor that followed him.

At his room he turned to close the door, surprised to see Harley already pushing into the room. He pushed the dog back into the hallway, determined this time to close the door on him. But each time he latched it shut it sprang back open. Jensen looked carefully and found that the hinges were warped meaning the door wouldn't stay closed unless he stayed leaning against it. Damn.

Looking through a small gap, though it was impossible Jensen could have sworn Harley was frowning. Seeing Harley’s disappointment that he wasn’t being friendly, Jensen felt a stab of guilt that quickly consumed him and he had to sheepishly look away. It wasn’t Harley’s fault he was a pervert. That he had just come so hard, that he was still rock hard.

Finally, his gaze drifted back toward Harley offering his apology. “Sorry about that boy. That was my fault, I… I’m going to go take a shower.” Not knowing what else to say he pleaded, “You just stay right there, okay?”

Letting the door go it swung back open and Harley lay down directly in the middle of the entrance staring at Jensen. In the bathroom unable to hide, Jensen turned around before he took off his swim trunks ashamed to show Harley he was still hard.

Once inside the shower, he quickly took hold of his cock- pumping. He tried to think of the last time he had sex with Tom, recalled recurring fantasies – anything to replace the feel of Harley’s tongue, or how hard he got when he saw the red tip of Harley’s cock swelling out of his sheath. But even as he berated himself, images flashed through his mind, his fist tightened setting a bruising pace as he fucked his fist until he was painting the wall with his come.

Breathless, Jensen hung his head under the spray trying to erase both the image and the sensation of Harley’s tongue.

Cursing himself he wondered if he'd just fucked up the best job he’d ever had.


Jensen did his best to forget, to pretend nothing had happened. At first it seemed easy enough to do. After the shower, he tried to appease Harley by taking him out for a long walk. When they returned he fixed Harley an early dinner then his own. Afterward Jensen pulled out a book to read. It was only when he was about to sit down—in both the living room and family room—he realized there were no single chairs. Each seat would comfortably sit two or more, and Jared had no restrictions against Harley on the furniture. Even laying stretched out didn’t discourage Harley from jumping up and taking his place beside Jensen.

He didn’t bother to hide his annoyance swinging his legs back into a sitting position—it was better than Harley laying over him.

And he was irritated, admittedly more with himself than Jared or Harley. Neither knew what a pervert he was. In all honesty, Jensen didn’t even know, but as much as he tried to down play it, to ignore and pretend what happened, didn’t happen. His mind betrayed him by continuing to remember each illicit detail—until he was overly conscious of Harley’s presence. Of how close he stood next to him, how soft his fur was under his fingers and against his skin when he rubbed up against Jensen’s legs, where the palms of Jensen’s hands would itch until he reached out to pet Harley’s fur. His awareness whenever he’d physically jerk away any time Harley nosed his crotch. Of each time he did move it’d follow Harley’s whine of protest and his own cringe at causing Harley any displeasure. However what was worse and he’d flush red each time he remembered was when he just stood there and enjoyed the attention.

Jensen got it, Harley didn’t understand, didn’t know how his cock twitched and Jensen knew if he didn’t get himself under control, he wasn’t going to have the job for very long.

For hours Jensen forced himself to stay where he was, reading. They were still too close, Harley lay curled up beside him—watching. Hours later, as the pages started to blur he decided it was time for bed.

Once he was ready for bed, Jensen realized Harley expected to sleep with him on the bed. His mind immediately flashed to earlier, even shame faced, he felt his blood run hot racing to fill his cock.

In a panic he looked around the room for something to block the door and grabbed: a chair, the trash can and a laundry basket from the bathroom. Under his breath he apologized to Harley as he constructed a makeshift blockade. Once he was done, Harley reached up but was unable to climb or jump over, or crawl underneath. After pacing in frustration Harley finally lay down, whimpering his displeasure.

Jensen continued to apologize and he did feel bad, but letting Harley sleep next to him was out of the question—especially since he had a boner and couldn’t stop thinking about how good Harley’s tongue had felt.

By the time he crawled into bed, it was after eleven. He was tired, less from physical activity and more from guilt and mental exhaustion. Still his erection stood out, shivering in anticipation with each pitiful whine Harley expelled.

Unable to relax enough to sleep and against his better judgment Jensen took his cock in hand, squeezing. His thumb swiped over the head collecting the moisture there, his hand pumping. His senses remembering the heat of the sun, the coolness of Harley’s tongue the bright red of his cock dropping out of its sheath. Though mortified, it didn’t stop his excitement as Jensen pumped his hand in time to Harley’s whimper that pitched louder as if he knew what Jensen was doing.

His imminent orgasm was staved off by the abrupt ringing next to him on the nightstand—the house phone.

Dazed, Jensen glared at it hoping it’d stop ringing or go to voicemail. When it didn’t he slowly sat up with the sudden understanding it was probably Jared calling. Grabbing the phone he offered a whispered, “Hello.”

“Jensen? Sorry, man did I wake you? I got in later than I expected but hoped I’d catch you before you went to bed.”

“Oh no it’s okay.”

“Good, so how’s Harley? I probably should have mentioned I’d call to talk to him. Trust me I know it’s kind of weird, but I can’t help myself…”

Jensen glanced at the door that he barricaded from allowing Harley to enter. Still holding onto the phone with one hand, Jensen answered Jared with platitudes and nonsense about their day, as he quickly removed the obstacles from the doorway. Harley barked enthusiastically and barreled into the room.

“I hear my boy, mind putting the phone by his ear.”

Jensen complied, and watched dumbfounded as Harley appeared to have a conversation with his daddy. When Harley stepped back and barked, Jensen lifted the phone to his ear and heard Jared calling his name, “Jensen?”

“Yeah, I’m right here.”

“So tell me how’s everything going? Harley’s not giving you a hard time or anything?”

Jensen nearly choked, blushing before he answered, “No, he’s really good.”

“Good. I hope he’s leaving you plenty of room on the bed?”

Jensen only stammered a, “Ah…” then gave a startled yelp when he felt Harley’s snout nuzzle his crotch.

“Jensen you alright?”

Nervous he answered, “Yes, yes, sorry…” Jensen sat down on the bed and tried to push Harley away, but Harley wasn’t having it and didn’t budge.

“I know I didn’t explicitly state that it was a requirement, but I had hoped it wouldn’t be a problem. You really seemed to get along with Harley…”

Jensen heard the disappointment in Jared’s voice. “I do, we do… I’m sorry I just, it seemed, I wasn’t used to…” His thoughts jumbled as Harley pressed his snout against his hard cock, his tongue lapping over his lower stomach, nosing closer toward the head of his cock that his pajama bottoms covered—licking at the spreading wet spot.

His body wavering, Jensen gritted his teeth as he forcibly held back a moan that threatened to erupt.

Quietly Jared answered, “I understand. It’s just that Harley is use to sleeping next to me, has since he was a pup. So it’s really important to me, especially when he’s at home that any disruption to his routine is kept to a minimum.”

Jensen tried to twist away, but Harley followed. His hand tangled in Harley’s fur intending to forcibly push him away, instead his fingers dug into Harley’s fur and he had to concentrate on breathing. He heard Jared ask, “Is this going to be a problem? Do I need to make other arrangements?”

He needed to answer, to tell Jared something, but Harley had maneuvered his pajamas down exposing his cock. When his tongue licked the head, Jensen’s body swayed. His fingers gripped tighter in Harley fur just to stay upright as his body convulsed and he came spurting over his stomach.

A moment later he heard Jared calling after him. “Hey, Jensen you still there, did I lose you?”

Light headed, Jensen collapsed falling back against the bed. Legs sprawled out as Harley’s front paws jumped up and he leaned in-between the vee of his legs fervently licking Jensen’s stomach and cock clean. After clearing his throat, Jensen slowly responded. “I’m here. No it’s okay, we’re good, Harley’s good.” Even as he said it, the corners of his mouth lifted, inwardly laughing at the perverse irony of his words.

“Okay good. I’ll let you go then. Talk to you tomorrow then, night Jensen.”

“Night Mr… Jared. Night.”

Jensen barely registered the dial tone. It didn’t matter as Harley continued to slather his cock, and had somehow tugged his pajamas down further. Although it was wrong, Jensen couldn’t think beyond the feeling of Harley’s tongue as it wrapped over and around his cock. Automatically Jensen spread his legs allowing Harley more access, panting as Harley’s nose dug under his sacs to get to his hole. Jensen got the message and lifted his ass. It was sick and he berated himself for every dirty thought he had, but it didn’t stop the sliver of pleasure that ran up his spine as Harley lapped and worked over his hole, prodding deeper.

Shaking Jensen clutched the spread to anchor himself against the pulsing need to roll over and get up on his knees. Instead he spread his thighs as far as he could lifting his hips silently directing Harley’s tongue to dig in further where each sensation drove him closer to the edge.

It didn’t take long before he was quivering and collapsed under weight of his second orgasm.

A moment later Jensen felt the bed dip as Harley jumped up and barked. Startled Jensen opened his eyes, and saw the reason for Harley’s distress. Although he was wiped out after having two orgasms back to back. Harley was waiting—for his turn. Jensen stared wide-eyed at the large purplish-red cock that had stretched out from its sheath, jerking in spasmic need.

Jensen couldn’t say why, but he suddenly sat up. His hand reached under and circled the heated cock. Under his fingers Jensen felt it, hot and slick wet. Curling his fingers around the massive cock, Jensen gripped tighter in an attempt to jerk Harley off then watched in fascination when Harley started to hump his hand. All he had to do was hang on as he felt Harley’s cock swell, a small knot forming at the bottom of the shaft.

Jensen eyes widened, realizing it was Harley’s knot. A knot that’d be pushed deep inside a bitch as it expanded. He thought of Harley’s knot tied to his bitch, breeding her while Harley came shooting his come deep inside her—Jensen flushed under the visuals he had created.

Suddenly Jensen opened eyes he hadn’t realized he closed, to see his body was slouched in a way to hold on and accommodate Harley’s massive size. Then Harley hopped up with his paws on Jensen’s shoulders forcing him to stay down, his body slanted. Though the position was awkward Jensen kept his hand closed around Harley’s cock while Harley actively fucked his fist. Fascinated Jensen leaned in. His face was just inches from the tip when he felt a small spurt of come hit his chin—then another and another.

Overwhelmed, Jensen froze in place as dog come splattered across his face.

Harley finally pulled away, leaving Jensen to watch him curl up and start to lick his cock clean.

He stared longingly before he gave in to the temptation of his curiosity and stuck his tongue out to swipe up droplets of sprayed come. The taste of salty liquid exploded on his tongue leaving him no doubt of what the taste was that lingered in his mouth. Although in his heart of hearts, Jensen believed he could have possibly explained away the first swipe, the second and third sweep of his tongue would dismiss any logical reasoning he might have tried to sell. It left him feeling perverse – more so since Jensen had to fight himself from pushing Harley out of his way in order to lick his cock clean.

Harley looked up like he felt Jensen’s hard stare then moved and happily licked Jensen face. It was only then with the crook of his arm did Jensen wipe at the wetness on his face, feebly pushing Harley away as he continued to lick Jensen’s face. Even after he wiped his face clean and he lay down exhausted with Harley curled at his side Jensen couldn’t avoid a small voice in his head telling him he had tasted Harley’s come – or deny the fact that he liked it.


The image on the screen froze, then centered on Jensen, zeroing in on his face. His eyes were dilated, staring longingly at Harley’s cock, his mouth open in a bow expression where the tip of the boy’s tongue inched out. It didn’t hang out panting; still Jensen was a beautiful sight.

Jared palmed his hard cock, squeezing the length. He hit rewind and replayed when Jensen came the first time while he was on the phone with him. Jared pressed the volume up. Suddenly in surround sound Jared could hear Jensen’s stifled breathing. The small nuances as it hitched and caught in his throat involuntarily. The sharp inhale as Harley’s tongue ran over the tip of his cock just before Jensen lost it erupting.

Jared paused; rewinding it again to his favorite part when Jensen squealed. It was barely audible but there, the smallest squeak that Jensen fought and lost to keep down.

Against normal hearing Jared would have to admit Jensen did an excellent job of covering up however Jared had the best state-of the art equipment installed in his house capable of picking up the slightest sounds otherwise he’d never have heard it.

“Replaying the same scene?”

Jared barely acknowledged Martin’s presence. Martin wasn’t a friend as much as he was Jared’s transitional adviser assigned by the association. With orders to observe the progression of his new commodity, including the new techniques Jared had insisted on to transform Jensen; it was his last step, to cement his membership of the Association. It was Martin who had recruited Jared, but he had started to lose his patience weeks ago when Jared demanded to wait for just the right bitch – Jensen.

It was by accident Jared had spotted Jensen and he was immediately drawn to the boy. Lost, looking for a class, Jared followed but kept his distance from the boy. Though he was tall, Jared initially thought Jensen was one of those young high schoolers that took a couple of college-prep classes while they continued on in high school or was advanced enough he jumped ahead and was actually an attending student. It was only later Jared got the initial report on Jensen’s background he discovered Jensen was actually eighteen. The surveillance pictures from those first days were spread out over his desk.

The boy was pretty; there was no other word for it. From the dark ash blond hair to the prettiest green eyes, he had ever seen. Jared knew he was the one. It didn’t hurt that Jensen was tall with a lean muscular frame. Even a bit bow-legged, the small flaw only enhanced the overall prospect of Jenson transforming into the perfect bitch. Later Jared discovered there were a few surprises he hadn’t counted on, but it just proved to him that Jensen was the one he had been waiting for. “Right here, my favorite part; hear it?”

Apparently bored Martin glanced to the screen then added. “Hmm, prefer my bitches a bit more vocal.”

Annoyed Jared rolled his eyes ignoring Martin’s critique. “She will be when the times right. Once the transformation is complete and she’ll happily hang off of Harley’s knot.”

“Right, so what’s your schedule like next week? We need to the set date for the cotillion?”


“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, no. Not yet, she needs more time.”

“You seem to be under the impression that you have a choice. You don’t. Anderson’s application was denied, and several prominent elders want to bump your application up. They have generously conceded to give you a small window, by allowing you some notice, but the bottom line is they want to schedule a new cotillion right away. Don’t get me wrong I’m pleased you found Jensen and that things are finally progressing, but a cotillion is mandatory, you know that.”

Jared couldn’t take his eyes off the screen of Jensen. “I know, but she’s not ready. I don’t wanna use her.”

He heard Martin snort. “Right… so what you’re just going to rub one out while you stand by and watch Harley knot the bitch? I don’t think so unless that’s a baseball bat you’re stroking.”

“Fuck Martin, don’t be so crude. That’s not what I meant. We both know there’s a 40-60% percentage rate of new hybrids that don’t survive the transformation process. With a higher percentage of failures being those that are physically used too soon by their owners. No, too many things can go wrong. Anything from screwing up the transformation process that could cause permanent damage or in extreme cases where the bitch dies during labor or worse still, die before giving birth killing the unborn litter.”

He glared at Martin daring him to contradict him. “I won’t risk either just for my own gratification, or anyone else’s. I’m not a barbarian. That pleasure can wait until after her first litter when there’s no danger.”

“Fine, but let’s not be naïve. You already know what to expect at the cotillion, what the Association demands – a public exam by the counsel’s vet then afterward the grand event to watch her properly mounted.”

“Next week is too soon. Harley hasn’t even mounted her yet and her body has just started changing, in a week there’s no way she’ll be able to acclimate to all the changes…”

Martin shrugged and grabbed his coat. “Jared, you already know the bi-laws, it not necessary for the bitch to be ready – mentally or physically not when the Elders degree it. However,” he glanced at the screen, “I can see the reason for your concern. I’ll give you until Saturday to re-establish your training, and schedule the cotillion on the twelfth that’ll give you just over a week to work this out. It’s the best I can do.” At the door Martin paused and looked back over his shoulder. “A piece of advice, it might be to your bitch’s benefit if you took a more hands on approach in your training. And Jared, with all due respect, you might want to remember what your priorities are and those long term goals we talked about – about where you stand within the Association.” Without a good-bye Martin was gone, the door closing behind him.

Jared cursed under his breath, and glanced at the paused image that still flickered on the screen. Though he hated to admit it Martin was right. If any of the Elders wanted their studs to take Jensen at the cotillion there was nothing he could do to stop them. He had exceeded their patience already since it had taken him so long to find Jensen in the first place. Then he’d tested them further by insisting he acquire Jensen on his own terms and rejected their usual training methods.

No, he had to make sure Jensen was ready by any means necessary, including increasing his dosage and using hands on training just as Martin suggested. He had to make sure that by the time of the cotillion Jensen would heel at his command, and willingly crawl up over the breeding bench, panting excitedly, his hole gaping open ready for any hard stud.

At the pace he was going that was never going to happen, Jensen would mentally crack and that was the last thing Jared wanted. Jensen was too beautiful a bitch. His decision made, Jared picked up his cell and called his assistant Steve heedless of the late hour. On the second ring Steve picked up; groggy with sleep he answered. “Sir, what can I do for you?”

“Change of plans. I was just notified I have to have the cotillion on the twelfth. Jensen’s made great progress, but I need to speed things up. I want you to call Sam and have her come in. Fill Sam in and have her triple Jensen’s dosage immediately; let her know I’ll be home tomorrow tonight. In the meantime, have the staff resume their jobs by mid-morning. Though inform them Jensen’s in transition and to keep their distance. He might appear confused, but between the increased dosage and Harley I’m sure he’ll be docile. And Steve, maintain the surveillance on Jensen.”

“Yes Sir. Anything else?”

“No, but if I think of anything else I’ll call.” Jared didn’t wait for a response and bid Steve, “Goodnight,” before he hung up.

Concentrating on the image in front of him, Jared hit play again, squeezing his cock hard and this time he allowed himself to come just as Jensen did on the screen.

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