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part 2

The next morning Jensen heard a muffled bark in the distance. He turned toward the sound and tried to open his lids, but his lids felt weighted down. He startled as he felt a hand under his head lifting and turning him, but they softly hushed him then gently pushed something between his lips. It was rubber, something about it was familiar but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was as the object was pushed further pass his lips. Inside his mouth his tongue felt heavy and oversized, but a drop of liquid hit his tongue.

It was a flavor he knew and wanted more of. His lips closed over the object even as his tongue reached up circling the rubber teat seeking more of the sweet nectar. A hand combed through his hair a voice –she cooed to him that he was doing a good job and to continue being a good girl for her and drink it all up.

Half way through Jensen was awake enough to understand he was being bottle fed. The why, he had no idea, but what was worse he couldn’t stop himself from sucking on the teat. No one was holding him down forcing him to drink. No, she just held the bottle to his lips and he greedily pulled on the teat as if he had gone without water for days.

Jensen barely recognized he had sucked it dry when she pulled the bottle away, and he shamefully chased after it. She chuckled and told him not to worry she had another one waiting for him, and quickly produced it. She didn’t have to do anything this time to encourage him to take the teat. As soon as he felt the edge of the tip on his lips he readily opened his mouth and started suckling.

Inches above him he felt a cool shadow covering his heated head. He hadn’t even realized how hot he was until he felt the coolness of a wet cloth gently wiped over his face, then over his eyes until he was able to slowly open his eyes, blinking several time only to find a woman was smiling down at him. Though his vision was a little blurry, he could see she was older closer to his mother’s age. She smiled warmly.

Internally he wondered why he didn’t pull away, or spit out the offensive bottle. He had no answer, but each question baffled him. She gently shushed him, told him he was safe that it was all okay, that she was such a good girl, so pretty.

Nothing she said eased his mind and he started to whimper in panic. Nothing made sense, and as hard as he tried to remember what happened, the more confused he got until his head throbbed in pain. A sudden dip on the bed and Harley was there at his side, licking his neck with his own muffled whine.

“Aren’t you the cutest, taking care of your girl? Now Harley you just sit on down next to her, she needs your comfort.” Startled, Jensen opened his eyes glancing around the room, wondering what girl? He was sure the woman was talking to Harley, but there was no one in the room, she couldn’t have meant him.

Harley nuzzled closer. At the same time Jensen’s gut twisted as he realized she had been referring to him. Although much as Jensen hated to admit it, Harley’s presence did calm him down. His eyes started to droop, his mouth slacked and the bottle slipped from his lips. He had expected to feel it hit his face; instead she had picked it up and prodded him to finish. “Almost done.” She tilted the bottle up. Her fingers softly stroking over his throat to encourage him to suck the last of the nectar down. “That’s it come on, there you go. See that wasn’t so bad.” She took the empty bottle away. “You’re such a good sweet girl. I’ll be sure to tell your daddy. Now close your eyes and sleep.”

Unable to fight his body’s need and with Harley at his side Jensen did as he was bid and closed his eyes.


The next time Jensen woke it was to the sounds of muffled voices that were getting louder as they came closer. He tried to move, but his body felt heavy with drugs. One of the voices was clearer, one he'd heard before, a woman’s voice that was soft and husky. It was the familiar voice that conjured up an image of her bottle feeding him. He’s not sure if the image is real or imaginary still he is weary and pretends to sleep. Trying to make out what they were saying.

“He still sleeping?”

“On and off, we had four feedings in less than six hours. That would take its toll on anyone. Where’s Harley?”

“Out on his morning run. His vitals?”

“Surprisingly they’re good, but then she was an excellent candidate to begin with: healthy, young, and strong. It was good that we had already started to map the genome into her DNA. It was steady enough to make the changes subtle, her responses natural. Look at her.”

Jensen held his breath, his heart beating faster. She moved closer and sat down, “She’s awake, isn’t it cute?” her hand rhythmically ran down his back, humming nonsense that his body responded to. “That’s one effect of the higher dosage, she’s a bit skittish, that’ll take a little time, but as you can see her body is adjusting faster than her mind. I think she’ll respond better once Jared comes home. When is he expected?”

The guy hesitated like he was distracted doing something else as he said, “Tonight. He wants him ready for the cotillion on the twelfth.” Then Jensen heard the distinctive sound of a text message and guessed the guy was working a smart phone or an ipad, “I have a, to do list that's a mile long.”



Her voice never wavered, but held a quiet finality that made Jensen’s heart sink as she spoke. “Better get used to it, he’s now a she.” Jensen tried to swallow pass the lump in his throat and couldn’t. His body racked with unshed tears. Her fingers threaded through his hair, then shifted his body so he was forced to stare up at her—no way to hide he was awake. Whatever she saw on his face, her own crumbled in distress and she began telling him that everything was going to be okay – he was already loved so much. His struggles were weak, his throat closed. His lips trembled in fear as panic consumed him. She casually ordered, “Quick hand me the bottle on the dresser.”

Eyes widening his entire cringed at the thought of what was in the bottle that was changing him. The nipple was rubbed across his lips. He used the only defense he had left– twisting his head away while he clamped his lips tight refusing to drink. She tried for over ten minutes to gently coax him to drink. Still he refused.

Finally she stopped and looked at the wall. “Steve, get your ass over here.” She looked back at him and whispered, “I’m sorry pretty.” Then to Steve, she ordered. “Hold his nose.”

Jensen tried to twist away, but between them there was nowhere to go. He held out as long as he could then on instinct he opened his mouth gasping for air. Steve moved away and she shoved the bottle in. The image he had before came back. It wasn’t imaginary they had done this several times. She moved the bottle, nudging him to drink. He felt the liquid leak from its teat. He wanted it. Whatever this drug was, it was addicting.

“Come on baby you can do it…” she pleaded as more milk slid down his throat. “That’s a good girl.” She exclaimed. Jensen hadn’t even realized he'd started sucking and closed his eyes in dread of what he was becoming.


Hot Jensen tried to kick off the covers but something was holding his legs down. Panic sliced through his mind and in one swift motion he opened his eyes and pushed to sit up, the sheet falling to his lap. Startled he gazed around the room expectantly, but no one was there. Looking down at his legs he saw the reason why he couldn’t move, Harley was draped over them.

Despite seeing that Harley was the one anchoring him down, it didn’t stop his feelings of apprehension or the rising panic. With one hand Jensen rubbed the heel of his palm over his eyes, while he scooted Harley off his legs to swing them around to stand as his bladder demanded attention. He quickly made a beeline into the bathroom, relaxed his stance and let lose a stream. It was routine and comfortable opposite from the knot forming in the pit of his stomach. He glanced back toward the bed; there was something, a memory or a dream just on the edge of his consciousness. Though it was quickly fading, it frightened him in a way no nightmare had. The problem was he couldn’t remember exactly what it was or why it had terrified him.

Harley barked, and Jensen knew it was a demand for breakfast. Laughing Jensen mentally shook off his feelings of dread, that in the light of day were nothing more than an irritating nightmare. Flushing the toilet then washing and drying his hands, he moved back into the bedroom. Beside the nightstand was a tall glass of milk, without thinking he picked it up and drained it.

Setting the glass down, Jensen kicked his pajama bottoms off and started to rummage through his suitcase. Harley moved in close, sniffing and licking Jensen’s ass before he moved and licked his cock. Gently he swatted Harley away and casually told him, laughing, “Oh no, not if you want to have breakfast.”

Donning only a pair of boxers, Jensen walked through the house; it wasn’t until he walked into the kitchen his bare feet cold against the tile that he stopped, his stomach lurched with warning. He looked around trying to gauge what was wrong, but like his dream the answer seemed to be just beyond his reach, but there was something that wasn’t right. If he could just concentrate he might be able to figure it out...

Hungry Harley’s tail slapped against his legs as he circled Jensen, pacing back and forth ready to eat – still Jensen didn’t move even when the phone started ringing. Odd that it sounded distant like he was submerged then just as sudden he broke through the surface, where it rang loud to his ears.

Disoriented he shook his head and reached for the phone, automatically answering. “Hello.”

He heard a long sigh, then Jared’s relieved voice. “Jensen, good morning. I’m sorry to do this to you, but I have a slight change of plans.”

Nervously Jensen’s hand reached out to Harley as an “oh” escaped.

“Yeah I have to cut my trip short so I’ll be back tonight. I just discovered I have to host an office event and the date was pushed up. Though I’ll be home I’m hoping you’ll stick around and take care of Harley. I have a lot riding on this event and I’m afraid I won’t have the time to properly cater to Harley’s needs. Do you mind? It’d be a really big help, I’ll even pay you extra for the inconvenience?”

The tension in his stomach started to loosen and feeling inexplicably relieved that he wasn’t leaving Harley, Jensen stood there shaking his head, no.


“Sorry. No, I’ll be happy to help out.”

“Great, can’t tell you what a relief that is. Listen I made a few calls earlier; Sam, my cook agreed to cut her vacation short, as did my assistant Steve, both will probably be there sometime this morning. They have their own jobs to do, so don’t worry about them. They know you’re there to take care of Harley. I don’t know if Steve has people coming in today or tomorrow to start ramping up the yard, but I know there will be traffic. So please keep Harley with you and do whatever you can to keep him occupied. I’m going to have my hands full, but if you have any problems or questions you can ask Sam or Steve – they’ll help you out with whatever you need, okay? Damn, I have to get going. I’ll see you tonight. And Jensen, thank you.”

Jensen listened to the click as the call disconnected. He stood there, his fingers repeatedly raking across Harley’s back. Finally he moved and set the phone back on its charger. Sitting beside the charger was glass of milk; he picked it up and paused as he brought it up to his lips wondering when he had poured the glass. Then shrugged as he smelled its sweet aroma and started drinking. He had just finished when he heard a “Hello” followed by Harley’s barking as he greeted the woman who had entered the kitchen.

“Hello Harley...Oh and you must be Jensen, the one Jared mentioned?” She smiled and cordially held out her hand. “Nice to meet you, my name’s Sam.”

On reflex Jensen shook her hand.

She nodded and pointedly looked over at Harley’s empty dish. “You boys already eat?”

Startled because he should have already fed Harley, Jensen gulped and bobbed his head no.

“Good, then I’ll cook.”

He was about to decline the offer, but she held up her hand. “No, I insist.” She continued talking as she moved around the kitchen making it obvious it was her domain. “Besides it’s my job, and you’re in my kitchen, my rules.” Turning around, she leaned against the counter and said, “In this kitchen, even Jared concedes to my rules. So how hungry are you?”

With all the talk about food, Jensen’s stomach answered and growled loudly.

Sam laughed, “I’ll take that as very. Alright, while you’re waiting why don’t you go ahead and have a couple of cookies- no more. I don’t want you to spoil your appetite. Oh and grab a couple of biscuits for Harley, his are in the jar beside the cookies. I’ll get started and whip you both up some of my famous scrambled eggs and sausage.” Harley responded and barked enthusiastically. Triumphantly she stated. “See he loves eggs and more importantly my cooking.” Shrugging she admitted, “At least I like to think so. Guess I’ll have to leave that judgment to you.” She flicked her wrist waving him away. “Now get going, and put your cookies on a plate then take ‘em along with those crumbs outside with you. You should be warm enough if you take the cushion sitting in the sun.”

Jensen hesitated a moment then did as he was ordered, with Harley right at his side.

Outside it was cool, more than half of the patio covered in shade, where the cushions scattered around the area were covered in dew. Further out in the sun he spotted the padded cushion Sam mentioned, it was on the other side of the pool. He quickly closed the short distance and stepped into the suns warmth plopping down on the pad, he lifted his face up into the sun. A moment later he started laughing as Harley licked his face.

He handed Harley a biscuit as he took a bite out of his own cookie then wolfed it down. He'd just took a second bite when he felt a shadow descend over his body. He opened his eyes to see Sam standing there holding out a glass of milk. His mouth watered at the sight. “Thought you might want a drink with those cookies?”

Jensen reached for the glass his mouth too full to reply his thanks other than a nod.

The milk touched his lips and he swallowed gratefully. He was about to finish when Sam pulled the glass from his mouth even as he held the glass. “Slow down sweetie. Save a little to drink with the rest of your cookie. Cookies and milk it’s a one, two that go good together, don’t ya think?” Reluctant to let go, Jensen glanced at the plate and with his free hand obediently picked up the rest of his cookie and started to eat it. Only when he started chewing his last bite did Sam let go of the glass, allowing him to finishing drinking his milk.

He barely noticed how her fingers carded through his hair encouragingly.

Tipping the glass, Jensen’s tongue stretched to lick the inside of the glass as he waited for the last drops to roll down then he licked the rim clean.

Above him he heard a chuckle and flushed with embarrassment as she took the glass stating. “I think you got it all.”

Suddenly from behind her someone interrupted. “Excuse me Sam, you have a minute?”

Jensen tensed under the stranger’s gaze even though he kept his distance.

She called out, “Steve, I’ll be right with you.” Then she turned back to Jensen, her hand gently cupped under his chin guiding him to look at her. Her tone and demeanor changed as if she was consoling a frightened child. “Don’t worry sweetie, that’s just Steve, Jared’s assistant. He told you about him right?”

Jensen’s chin dropped a fraction in answer. She responded by scratching her fingers under his jaw. “Alright and do you remember Jared telling you about the party?” She didn’t wait for his reply. “We have a lot of work to do to get the house in shape for the party. There’ll be a lot of us coming and going. Because of that Jared asked you to stay with Harley, keep him occupied, right? Do you remember?”

He was going to answer yes, but his tongue suddenly felt thick and heavy, his throat dry. He wanted to call out in panic but could only offer a whimper.

Sam squatted down; her thumb ran lightly up and down his throat. “Shh, don’t worry, it’s natural, your body’s adjusting quicker than I thought. Let’s change plans, why don’t you take a nap, to let things progress. Harley will stay with you. When you get up, you can eat then.” She knelt down, her hands maneuvering his body coaxing him to lie down. Her fingers swept over his eyes to close them then lingered there, her voice soft in awe, “Oh yeah, you’re progressing fast, it’s incredible.”

Jensen didn’t need the gesture as his lids closed like they were magnetically linked. He wanted to scream as his nightmare took shape yet it was still too disjointed to make out what was happening. His head started to throb with all the questions he had then started to lose as quickly as he thought of them. His entire body felt different – foreign in a way he couldn’t articulate.

As if sensing his distress Harley curled up beside him, nuzzling his face. It was only through Harley’s constant presence that his mind eased.

Sam for her part kept petting him. He wanted to hate her for it, but he could only hate himself as he calmed under her hand. Though he couldn’t open his eyes, he heard the movement as the guy Sam had called Steve, came over, hovering before he quietly asked, “She alright?”

Internally Jensen cringed, and had a sense of déjà vu where they talked about him as if he was a girl.

“She’s doing great, her changes are coming fast. Harley will keep watch, but remind your men to keep their distance.”

“I know my business. Besides I only have a couple of men today though I do expect Alona later this morning. She’ll be working inside. Do you want her to clean out the guest room today?”

“Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. We’ll move Jensen upstairs later today, for now the fresh air will do her good. I’m sure Jared will want to start the bonding process right away. Oh have someone pull out the feeders. They’re in the shed, I want ‘em cleaned out before they’re put to use. With this one, I’m betting she’ll be using ‘em any day now.”

Sam’s voice lowered for his ears only. “Sleep pretty one, your body needs it. I’ll come to check on you soon.”


At different times Jensen was jarred awake. He tried to blink open his eyes, but nothing happened. Stiffly he lifted his hand to rub at them only to feel a heavy thick crust sealed over each lid. He had tried to pick at it, but someone gently swatted his hand away then they fitted each hand with a heavy padded glove that restricted his movements even more than the weakness in his limbs already did.

Each time he woke Jensen was confused, his body off center, pained by a throbbing ache at his temple. A few times he knew it Sam at his side – examining him. With ease she rolled him to his side and lifted a leg to pull his ass cheeks apart. This time he realized he was naked and felt Harley’s nose, his tongue running over his ass, to dig in-between his cheeks lapping at his insides.

His body jerked in pleasure even as he yelled out.

Someone excitedly yelled out, “She in heat?”

Jensen clearly heard the happy hitch in her voice when Sam yelled back, “Never you mind” and caressed his inner thigh as Harley continued to rim his ass. “Don’t you worry about them, pretty.” She laughed then spoke to Harley, but Jensen only heard bits as his focus was on Harley’s tongue as it dug its way into his body, pushing against his walls as if he couldn’t get enough. “Well Harley what --- --- think? Your daddy picked --- a pretty bitch --- you --- --- --- --- adaptable bitch I’ve --- --- pleasu --- raise, dontcha ---?”

Nearly hyperventilating Jensen came, his body quivering at the end of Harley’s tongue.

Coming down to earth Jensen could hear Sam more clearly as she talking to Harley. “What a good boy, see that’s a good start you taking care of your girl. Your daddy will be so proud. But now you’re going to have to be patient and wait until she’s in full heat.” Barely aware Jensen felt Sam try to push Harley away as she called out. “Alona, bring me a bowl of water and that tray I left on the counter by the kitchen door.”

Jensen didn’t have long to wait as the person Alona came over and felt her finger the evidence that he came as she gushed out loud. “Oh my god, did she just come is that a sign she’s going into heat? I thought bitches didn’t come from their piss hole.”

“You definitely need to spend more time studying. She’s in transition and doing a great job. Whether or not a human-bitch is neutered and docked depends on the owners. Besides can’t neuter the girl until after she goes into full heat. Right now she has too many DNA and hormonal changes going on in and outside of her body.” He felt Sam spread his legs wider, a clothed finger going over his hole. “See here, how her walls are opening? Her lubrication, right now it’s thin and watery, but when she’s in full heat it’ll be heavier, a thicker slick consistency and she’ll be dripping wagging her ass for Harley to knot her.” As she talked Sam continued to wipe his ass. “After I clean her up I’m going need to plug her up. If you want to watch, go get Chris to take Harley. Harley won’t appreciate the lesson when he’d rather just mount her now. But Jared wants to imprint with her before Harley mounts her. Now git…”

The next moment Jensen heard the girl yelling for Chris while he felt a cloth run between his cheeks. His body rippled under the assault of want, his cock still hard. Shamed he tried to twist away, but he was too weak against Sam’s strength as she held him open and wiped him clean.

He heard Alona skid to a halt, “Oh no, is she crying?”

“Might be, all these changes are happening faster now so it’s got to be hard on her.”

He shuddered when he heard a gruff male voice. “Looks like you have things under control.”

“I do, but I haven’t plugged her. And this one could benefit from watching. If you don’t mind, could you take Harley?”

Chris snickered, “What for a run?”

“No, not that long. Besides I don’t think he’d leave his lady for too long. I don’t know; take him down to go get the mail.”

“It’s Sunday.”

“Smartass! Go, I only need a good ten minutes maybe fifteen minutes at most. All this talk got her in a tissy. Since she’s already upset I’m going to take the time to empty her bladder before I plug her.”

Humiliated, Jensen tried to zone out what he was hearing. He didn’t need to be told, that he was the she they kept referring to; he got that now. It didn’t seem to matter how many times he fell asleep, he still woke up in this nightmare. Trapped in a world where everything had turned inside out and upside down – where he was some kind of fucking pet. Although physically weak, at their mercy, and with constant aches throughout his body, his mind was clear. Still nothing made sense even after he heard and understood every word Sam had said. Logically connecting the dots seemed impossible.

To make everything worse his body was betraying him. He tried to concentrate to tell his body to fight their touches, that he could take himself to the bathroom, but even his smallest movements were feeble and awkward. There didn’t seem to be any part of his body that wasn’t explosively sensitive. Overwhelmed with sensations and unable to stop their advances Jensen could do no more than whimper in distress.

Startled when he heard a loud snap of something above him; his head shifted toward the sound, but his eyes were still crested shut. His cry turned into a moan as a finger and thumb entered and pushed against his hole. “Now watch, but don’t block the camera. We’ll work the walls first. See how her body responds even weighted down from the transition drugs.”

Sam’s fingers easily worked his hole, adding a second and third finger.

“Do you know what her features will be? Skin or fur?”

Flushed Jensen was aware his body was clamping down on her fingers on every inward thrust.

“There’s no telling. She wasn’t farm raised. It was a stroke of luck Jared found her. Parents killed when she was young and grew up in an orphanage. See how she’s dripping?”

“Wow, that’s a lot of lubricate?”

“Not really, she’ll create more; need to, to take Harley’s knot. Okay, give me the dildo, I’m gonna measure her.”

Jensen couldn’t see the dildo, but he bit his lip in frustration when she pulled her fingers out, leaving his hole gaping needing to be filled again. Someone patted his flank, whispering “it’s okay; we’re not going to stop.” To make her point she rubbed the head of the dildo over his hole. Slick lube eased the way as the bulb head entered.

Though it was a shallow move Jensen tilted his hips up to push against the dildo head, swallowing it down. He couldn’t think beyond his own want and need. “Good girl. Let’s see how much you can take.”

He felt a push as it was rammed further into his ass then a twist until he jumped as it hit his prostate. Although it wasn’t the depth of the dildo that surprised Jensen as much as it suddenly increased in size, filling him. He started to pant at the pressure filling him. It was painful, tearing him, but he needed more and spread his legs to compensate for his spiraling need.

“Keep pumping, she can take more…”

“Damn, you’re thrusting her hard.”

“Nowhere near the: depth speed, or expansion of what Harley will do when he fucks her.”

Suddenly Sam wrapped her hand around Jensen’s cock and that was all he needed.

“Ah, you better watch out, she’s about to come.”

And he did, shooting come all over Sam’s hand and his own stomach. “That’s it girl, squeeze. Use those muscles, hang on to that knot.”

The tremors in his body slowly slowed to a simmer.

“Not too bad, for a first knot. I’m sure your daddy will coax more out of you. Alright now let’s drain that bladder and clean you up.”

“Drain her?”

“Yes, well I’m sure I’ll have to change her again later, but she hasn’t urinated since this morning since she woke up and with as much formula as she’s had…”

“Eww…” Jensen matched her disgust, and swallowed sickened by the thought of what they were about to force him to do. But the fleeting thought on how long it’d been since he’s gone to the bathroom squashed any other thoughts as he felt the sudden need to go. He clamped down on the pressure, determined to hold it.

The girl spoke again this time apologetic, “I didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Yes, well that’s what happens when you get a new puppy to train. A puppy has needs that you have to take care of in every way. And cleaning up their messes is one of them. You’re the one who keeps telling Jared that you want to apprentice. Well you have to get through the basics first, understand?”

She paused for a moment, and Jensen felt Sam’s hand massage his stomach, manipulating his body.

“I think maybe a week of cleaning up after Harley might do you some good. Now you can hold the bucket.”

Abruptly he was turned, a hand moved to hold his dick while another pressed against his bladder. The pressure did what she wanted – with no recourse he gasped and let go. Relief and fear mingled through his mind and body.

Placidly he listened as Sam told the girl to go empty the bucket while she wiped him down moving his body into a position she wanted, cooing to her on how good she was. He felt something rubbed over his hole. A moment later he identified it as a butt plug when Sam pushed it in, encouraging her to hold it in place. Then his legs were lifted high enough that something was pushed under his ass. It wasn’t until Sam fastened it around his waist he realized that it was diaper.

He shook his head in denial, tears slipping pass the layer of crust keeping his lids shut. “Shush pretty, it’s all right. This is just to keep you clean and Harley out.” She patted his crotch. “Without it you’ll be dripping all day. The scent alone is gonna call on any stud. There’s nothing I can do for that, and we don’t want Harley to take you prematurely. Bet you’re hungry? Ready for a bottle?”

Images of the night before came back in full force as a rubber nipple was rubbed over his lips. His level of shame increased when she easily popped the bottle in his mouth and his lips surrounded the teat while he feverishly started sucking. “Good girl, you finish this bottle then you can sleep.”

As quickly as he was sucking, Jensen didn’t think he’d have any difficulty finishing. However Sam had to prod him half way through to keep suckling when he began to drift into an abyss of nothingness. Painful to his ears, he heard the ring of a cell phone. She juggled his body as she reached for it and answered, “Hello.”

“She’s still outside? Are you using a sunscreen to protect her skin?”

Laughing she stated, “Haven’t applied it yet, but I will once I’m off the phone. Hope you had a good view when I plugged her?”

His ears sensitive, Jensen clearly heard Jared’s voice. “I did from both cameras, thank you.”

“It was my pleasure. Have any idea when you’ll be home?”

“Should touchdown at four and if Chris picks me up I should be there at five.”

Jensen wanted to react in anger, but the pain of Jared’s treachery only made him despondent.

“Good, you need to bond with her. I’ll have everything ready for you. Jared I’ve got to say you’ve got a natural eye for picking out strong stock. I can’t believe how strong she is. She’s going to make an excellent pedigree, a real beauty. I can’t even image the brood she’ll breed.”

“One step at a time, but yeah Jensen is a beauty. I’ll see you tonight, earlier if I can get away.”

Jensen barely heard her snap the cell closed and pull the empty bottle from his slack mouth. Emotionally overwrought Jensen didn’t want to hear anymore and let himself sink into sleep. However even in sleep there was no safe haven as thoughts of Jared’s betrayal chased after him with Harley at his side.


Date: 2012-01-23 11:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] eternal-moonie.livejournal.com
*Fans self* This was great!! So hot!!

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Date: 2012-01-24 01:01 am (UTC)
sylsdarkplace: Aubrey Beardsley's Salome & St John (Default)
From: [personal profile] sylsdarkplace
So disturbing, but I need to know more about the imprinting and the Association. Damn my curiosity.


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