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part 3

The rest of the day, every couple of hours Jensen was wrestled awake. He had expected another bottle feeding but instead to his relief Sam fed him eggs and cookies. Both were devoured eagerly but afterward he suspected that whatever was in the bottle was in the food too.

Shortly after each feeding, Harley was taken from his side and he was subjected to new humiliation. He had to endure Sam stripping off the diaper and removing the plug then she proceeded to manipulate his body to eliminate waste. Once she declared him done, she’d thoroughly wiped him clean, replaced the plug and put him in a clean diaper.

Each encounter was degrading, but she brushed it away and showered him with love; her words and touch were gentle. It only confused him further.

The next time he was jarred awake as he was lifted into someone’s arms and cradled like a baby. They easily manhandled him upstairs. The click of Harley’s nails resounded off of the wood floor as he followed closely. It wasn’t until they reached the top of the stairs that Jensen was awake enough to realize it was Jared carrying him.

Jensen must have said or done something to indicate he was awake as the man leaned forward and kissed his temple. He could feel the smile stretch against his forehead. “I’m glad you’re awake li’one. Hold on a minute, I’ll put you down soon. Sam, can you get the doors?”

Jensen heard Sam come from behind Jared then open the doors. “Thanks.”

Pleased she easily responded. “Just doing my job.”

Jared walked in then paused turning back “Everything looks good Sam. That’s a cute nest you created, you did a great job, but I think I’ve got it from here. I’ll call you if I need anything else.”

“Sounds good, remember she’ll imprint in the first twelve hours, so don’t remove the seal until you’re ready. Solvent is by the bottles. Buzz me when you’re ready and I’ll start cooking up the next batch of formula.”

“All right, and send Chris up in about ten minutes.” Sam didn’t verbally respond, but Jensen heard the door close behind her, leaving him alone with Jared and Harley.

Jared moved then slowly lowered him to the floor and propped him up against a wall – leaving him there.

The wall was hard at Jensen’s back, but he noticed there was a soft squashy surface beneath him. Not a thick mattress or cushion, but definitely a thick layer of something warm and cozy between him and the floor; and the room is warm enough he doesn’t miss the feel of the sun shining down on him. It was then he realized he was naked, stripped of the diaper and plug-less. He listened as Jared moved around, drawers and cabinets opening and closing. Listened to Jared quietly talk to Harley, telling him how proud he was, that he had seen everything – how he stayed at Jensen’s side. That he was such a good boy. He could hear Harley’s excitement in his movements as his tail repeatedly slapped against Jared’s legs.

Though Jensen had a sense of dread waiting not knowing what was going to happen next, the inner turmoil of terror he felt was somehow dampened although his mind was suddenly clear, his memory sharp. It was startling to find he remembered everything -- what he did with Harley, Sam bottle feeding him and all the other humiliating disgusting things she did to him. And more importantly he knew Jared had betrayed him, that Jared was performing some weird experiment on him that was changing his body – changing who he was. His heart rate picked up and he began to pant.

“Hey come on relax. It’s going to be okay; I won’t let anything happen to you.”

His anger spiked, Jensen opened his mouth ready to scream. What came out was a choked cry. In his head, he stood up swinging, screaming at the man, wanted to tell Jared to fuck off that he was the one that was endangering his life. Though like his eyes lids his voice was useless. Instead Jensen sat there immobile exactly where Jared had propped him up like a doll, a toy left behind waiting to be played with.

Suddenly Harley was there licking his face as if he was telling him, repeating Jared’s earlier sentiments that it’d be okay.

Jared’s hand caressed his face, his thumb brushing over his lips. “Shh, you’ll be fine. I promise.”

A knock sounded, and Jared told whoever it was to come in. It was Chris. Jensen listened as Jared quietly talked to Harley. “Sorry boy you can’t stay right now, but I brought you home a treat; another bitch that’s raring to go.” He heard Harley bark in response. “It’s okay, she’s just for practice, Jensen will be all yours soon enough. Now go on with Chris and he’ll take you to meet Chad. And Chris film everything, we’ll use it as training material for Jensen. So she can see how an eager bitch takes her stud.”

Jensen heard Harley leave with Chris and the door shutting behind them. He felt Jared sit down beside him, and then heard him shuffled things around; the next thing Jensen knew Jared picked him up shifting his body until he laid over Jared’s lap. Jensen startled when he felt Jared’s skin against his own naked flesh.

He didn’t have time to think beyond that when he heard the sounds of a TV. Then clicks as Jared changed stations. Jared adjusted his body, forcing him to lay back nestled against Jared’s chest. “I want you to listen, okay? Remember this?”

Jensen cowered, turning his face into Jared’s body against the explosive sounds before Jared turned the volume down.

“There is that better?”

Internally Jensen snorted at the question since he couldn’t actually answer even if the lower volume helped. “I had people filming two days after I found you.” He felt Jared shrug as he continued, “I could have had someone start immediately, but I needed the right people. You’re a rare find, and I needed people who’d be loyal to me. Not even Martin knows the truth.”

Jensen couldn’t figure out what Jared was going on about. He didn’t know who Martin was or what the man should or shouldn’t know, but the sounds playing out on the screen drew his attention. There was something familiar about it then he heard a voice he recognized, he froze it was his friend Mike Rosenbaum.

Mike was teasing Jensen, making jokes about Tom’s gift, a shirt Tom had designed and made for Christmas. As he remembered the day, Jensen’s breath hitched when he made the connection – that Jared had been watching him from as far back as December, long before his interview.

Jared clicked and another scene started to play, and Jensen realized it was of him and Tom having sex. “Oh and here, I loved how you showed your appreciation. You were so enthusiastic, so needy.”

Jensen’s stomach rolled as he listened to Tom grunting as he begged Tom to fuck him harder. He felt violated; anger consumed him that Jared had videotaped something so private. But what was worse, was the sudden need building inside him - a need to be filled.

He was hard, his hole empty.

Involuntary his ass moved pushing back against Jared. “You didn’t know what you were back then, still instinct had you on your knees, begging. See your body knows even if you don’t.” Jared jostled his body slightly, “Open.” Jensen felt Jared’s hand at his thighs. Reluctant but strangely compelled, he obeyed letting his knees fall open and cursed himself as thoughts and images filled his mind – hopes that Jared would fuck his ass, insert his fingers, or let him ride the plug anything that’d relieve the increasing itch he was experiencing.

Ignoring his hole, Jared’s fingers ran the length of his cock then cupped and held Jensen’s sacs as if he was testing their weight. There was no pressure to stimulation him, in frustration Jensen squirmed and released a needy whine.

“Things are progressing better than I expected. I don’t think you lost more than two inches. I’ll check with Sam, but wow I’ve never seen a bitch so hung.” Jared laughed, as he wrapped his hand around Jensen’s cock stroking it. “I’m impressed. I know the popular route is to dock a bitch once she’s transitioned, but personally I think it’s barbaric. You’re a hybrid, a human-bitch and human-bitches have cocks. Besides I think it’s kind of cute that you can throw a hard-on for your stud. I’m sure Harley’s going to love seeing it – I know I am.” Teasingly Jared swept his thumb over the head; Jensen bucked from the stimulus. Although it felt good, it did nothing to alleviate the growing ache he had to be filled.

Jared’s fingers circled and petted over his hole, rubbing at the wetness there. “I can see why Sam’s had to diaper you so frequently - you’re soaked. It feels like a good consistency too. ”

Jensen turned his face away at the humiliation of his body’s reaction. He felt Jared’s wet fingers under his chin pulling him back to face Jared. Though he couldn’t see he knew Jared was staring down into his face. “You still don’t understand.” Jared’s fingers stroked steadily over his face. “It’s okay, but I need you to know. You’re not just any hybrid trans-bitch.”

Jared paused; his confusion must have shown on his face. “Alright I’ll explain it; you’re smart enough to understand. A hybrid trans-bitch is someone who is first generation and was born completely human. Usually someone is chosen because of certain physical markers. They’re gathered by hunters in order to breed and sell within the Association. The requirements are someone with no family, no one that’s going to search for them. They’re given formula and gradually transitioned into a human-bitch. You on the other hand are not actually human.” His fingers stroked over Jensen’s throat then paused as he stated seriously. “No, you’re farm stock.” Jared hesitated like that was supposed to mean something to him, it didn’t.

“Jensen you’re second generation. You were born from a litter meant to be raised on a farm. I don’t know which litter since you’re not branded – which means you were just a pup still feeding from your momma’s tit when they stole you. Best we can figure out is that the people you remember as your parents were the ones that stole you. Doc thinks you survived and adjusted because they were giving you formula up until they died. Our guess is they were planning to breed you once you went into heat then to sell your litter on the black-market. Problem is you never went into heat because you stopped getting the formula when they died. You were too young, and thankfully were never given a full internal exam. You were under developed with no outward changes, so no one suspected you weren’t human. Without the formula, your transitional heat went into dormancy.”

“Now your body’s catching up. Besides the surveillance, I immediately started you back up on the formula though in low doses. Remember Misha? When he accidentally ran into you and knocked you over? He got a sample of your DNA, and blood to confirm what I'd suspected. He thought I was nuts, but my gut told me your beauty wasn’t natural for a human male; that you had to be a human-bitch. Turns out I was right. After we confirmed it, it was his job to get close enough and use whatever means necessary to get you on a vitamin regimen- the one you’ve been taking for the last six months. You made it easy for him, and responded well to him which is great since he’s actually your vet, been monitoring your every step. He’ll be here in the morning after you’ve imprinted to do a full exam.”

Jensen started trembling as he listened to the bizarre tale and endless betrayals. “Shush, it’s going to be okay now. Don’t you remember how sick you were before you met Misha? You were sick because your body started to shut down. It was only because I found you and with Misha’s regimen that you bounced back. Remember how ecstatic you were, how great you felt after you started taking them. Without those vitamins and restarting the formula you would have died.”

It was too much and his trembling shifted to full on shaking in denial of what Jared was saying –suggesting that he wasn’t human, had never been human. Jared responded by clutching him closer, his hand in motion, repeatedly petting his body in even strokes and his voice held a tone of soothing tranquility whenever he spoke. “I know it’s a lot to take in, but this is good news. Some friends suggested I shouldn’t tell you, but you, you’re a hell-of-a-lot smarter than most human-bitches, even more than most latently transformed human-bitches. I knew you’d need to know, that all of this wasn’t random. I’m actually trying to save your life by letting you be what you were born to be.”

Jensen cringed with every word Jared said. “Baby, shh, don’t worry you’ll be fine I promise. Being a trans human-bitch like Chad, it’s a good life. For you a true litter pup, your life expectancy is longer, even longer than Harley’s or Chad’s and they both have a long life expectancy. With the right owner, you’ll live a long and happy life - be cherished and loved. However that’s why it’s so important you imprint on your owner – to me. So I can always take care of you.”

Jensen whimpered.

“Shhhh, listen to your body – even before your body knew the truth. Remember how you were with Tom, needy, but it never felt right, did it? You body expected a knot, one that never formed. Making Tom a poor substitute for a stud. With Harley you fought every basic instinct, but it was there I could see it. Even at the interview you were ready to fall to the floor on all fours and let Harley mount you. Not even sure if you’re aware that you tented, throwing a hard-on the moment Harley nosed your crotch. Then at the house after I left, I watched every second: I saw the excitement in your eyes as his knot widened, the way you looked whenever you saw a tip of red unsheathed, the way you submissively responded to Harley’s wants. That first day you even stated you were his bitch. It’s in your nature.

If the Association wasn’t pushing for a cotillion next week, I would have done things slower, let your instinct build naturally. However it’s out of my hands. Physically you weren’t fully ready. It's why things had to dramatically change, your doses increased to push your biology toward its natural conclusion. You’re not in a full blown heat – not yet. But you’re body is eagerly accepting all the changes to make you ready. You’re producing a natural lubricant that your hole is leaking, as it gaps open waiting to be filled, your cock and sacs are smaller,” Jared laughed, “smaller for you. You’re still larger than a lot of humans. Your tongue is larger, fuller; your nipples have expanded and I can see new nubs forming under the skin so you can feed your litter once you’re breed.”

Jensen panted in fear. He couldn’t deny Jared’s words. His body no longer seemed like his own, but at the same time it felt right and he hated himself for it. He felt a finger gently stroke over the crust that kept his eyes sealed shut. “And this. Its time baby, to make you mine forever.”

Jensen’s heart accelerated as Jared’s finger was replaced by a wet cloth as he gently wiped and pulled at the crust. His lids had been sealed so tight Jensen didn’t think the crust would come off, but whatever Jared was wiping them with seemed to do the trick as he felt the crust give and slide away.

Jared’s fingers rained over Jensen’s face, “You can open them now.”

Though he was terrified, something pulled at him to obey. Slowly he opened his eyes, blinking rapidly. Opened just a sliver, the light was blinding. He winced and squeezed his eyes shut. Jared cooed, and prodded him to try again. “Shhh, I know it’s bright but you have to let them adjust. I promise it’ll be quick – you can do it girl come on.”

Jensen barely reacted to the switch of pronouns, after consistently hearing Sam and the others use various female pronouns hearing Jared just now seemed to cement something within him as his eyes fluttered open. “That’s my girl. Hi there, aren’t you a pretty one. Hi…”

Jensen blinked his eyes riveted to Jared’s face. He looked up in wonder, as if he was seeing Jared for the first time. Jared’s voice suddenly soothed his fears, his touch comforting. It wasn’t as if Jensen forgot what had happened, or what Jared had just said, but something indefinable happened and he no longer cared. What he did care about Jared; that Jared’s happiness was vital. Everything had shifted where Jared was his center. The most prominent figure in his life – he was Jared’s girl and that filled him with happiness.

Abruptly Jared laughed, “You are a pretty girl, my girl, aren’t you?”

Jensen broke out into a smile. He wanted to tell Jared, ‘yes’, but he had no voice to utter the words. Somewhere inside his head a voice told him, ‘words were for humans not for puppies’ Jensen tried to lift his head in order to nuzzle against Jared’s face. He was still too weak, timidly his tongue poked out between his lips. It felt awkward, larger, but as he let it go from being restrained within his mouth it felt more comfortable – natural as it flopped and hung outside of his mouth.

Jared’s finger outlined his lips, without conscious thought Jensen licked at Jared’s finger. Once his tongue hit Jared’s finger, Jared opened his palm for him to lick at will. Jensen complied then sniffed his hand. Each sniff and lick was intoxicating as he was able to gather information about Jared, his Jared. He wanted more.

Jared giggled at her antics as Jensen strained to taste more of Jared, to smell him all over. “Such a frisky girl, you love your daddy?”

Once Jared said daddy, it was immediately inserted into Jensen’s mind and filled Jensen’s heart as he agreed with the name, daddy and he tried to tell Jared by licking every inch of Jared’s skin he could reach.

He laughed, “And daddy loves his pretty girl.” as Jensen enthusiastically licked up Jared’s chest. “Sam’s right you are pretty, but it’s more than that, you’re precious, my precious Jenny.” Then he repeated himself, “Huh, Precious Jenny… What do you think of that for a name, Precious Jenny? Nah, you are precious but I’m just going to call you Jenny.” Jared bent down closer as he stared down at Jensen.

Jensen heard the question, and if it made daddy happy he was all for it. He wanted to shout out ‘yes’, but settled for giving Jared a tongue bath and proceeded to do just that.

They stayed like that for well over an hour while Jared let him smell and lick his hands and face as Jensen slowly regained his strength. At some point Jared pulled away and picked up his cell to call someone - Sam. “Sam, go ahead and start up a new batch. No, I’m going to start on the first bottle now, but she did great…” Jared leaned down into his face, his grin widened further as he spoke, “She loves her daddy and her daddy loves her so much.”

Jensen easily responded by licking Jared’s face. He could hear Sam’s soft chuckle as she added. “I’ll get right on it.”

They stayed like that for well over an hour where Jared let him smell and lick his hands and face as often as Jensen wanted. At some point Jared pulled away and picked up his cell to call someone - Sam. “Sam, go ahead and start up a new batch. No, I’m going to start on the first bottle now, but she did great…” Jared leaned down into his face, his grin widened further as Jared spoke, “She loves her daddy and her daddy loves her so much.”
Jensen easily responded by licking Jared’s face. He could hear Sam’s soft chuckle as she added. “I’ll get right on it.”

“You do that. I don’t think we’re going to have any problems. After Misha examines her I’ll start her training. Let Chris know I’d like to keep Chad around for a couple of days to pick up any slack for Harley. We’ll see you in the morning.” Jared hung up and focused his attention back to Jenny, “You thirsty girl?”

Jensen didn’t have to answer as Jared suddenly held a bottle in front of him. Jared barely presented the teat before Jensen willingly opened his mouth and Jared thrust it in where his lips and tongue wrapped around the teat and started sucking. His eyes moved to Jared, and he saw the love shining in his eyes – his daddy loved him.


The next few hours followed a similar routine he had with Sam only now Jensen could see and this time it was Jared his daddy that fed and cleaned him. There were awkward moments at first as Jared moved him around, but Jensen didn’t feel any shame as he had before. It was odd because he could remember everything, even remember how he felt. It was all there - but somehow it no longer mattered, and he didn’t feel connected to those feelings. Instead from the moment he opened his eyes and saw Jared, something inside of him clicked into place – that he was right where he was suppose to be.

Breathing in Jared’s scent settled him and brought him joy that he reciprocated by giving Jared kisses and licking all over his face. In turn, Jared laughed and encouraged him with every touch and word he spoke. Telling him ‘what a good girl’ he was, while Jared’s large hands were in constant motion rubbing and petting his body that alternated with caresses behind his ear, and under his chin.

Each touch and word spoken only elevated Jensen’s sense of well being and filled his heart with love as he sank into sleep.

It was hours later when a soft knock on the door woke him. Jensen lifted his head from Jared’s lap where he was curled up at daddy’s side. Jared was still sound asleep. The knock came again. Jensen glanced at the door suddenly alert, he shifted to move into a sitting position in front of his daddy.

At the third knock Jensen inhaled then bristled as he picked up their scent. It wasn’t Sam. It was someone he didn’t know. Without even realizing it he started to growl under his breath.

Jared woke, and repetitively ran caresses over his back, “It’s okay girl, calm down.” Then he called out louder, “What is it?”

“Sir, Dr. Collins is here. He’d like a word with you.”

Jared’s head swung toward the clock, and Jensen’s gaze followed to see it was 6:30 in the morning. Jared spoke loud enough for Jensen to hear but not the person behind the door. “Guess Sam isn’t up yet.” Then to the door, he called out. “Alright tell him I’ll be down in a few minutes.”

Jared looked at him, and his disappointment must have shown on his face because Jared cupped his face, and told him “Don’t worry baby I’ll only be gone for a few minutes, okay?” His fingers rubbed behind his ears in such a pleasing manner Jensen reciprocated his thanks by licking daddy’s lips. “Good girl. You stay right here and I’ll be right back.”

With one last pat on his head Jared got up and moved to the bed, picking up and putting on the shirt that had been laying there before opening the door to the hallway. Jensen had an urge to follow to be with his daddy and started to move, but Jared caught his movement, over his shoulder he sternly ordered, “Stay.”

With a pout, Jensen slowly sank back down to the floor and curled up to rest his hands under his head while he stared at the closed door waiting impatiently for Jared to return.

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