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part 4

Jared walked into the kitchen to see Misha fixing himself a cup of coffee. “Morning Doc. Pour me a cup will you?”

“So how’s our girl? Did the imprint take?”

“It was amazing; you’ll have to watch it later. Her reactions went beyond my wildest dreams. She’s fully embraced the transition.”

Misha handed him his coffee, “Thanks. It was so cute. When I woke up she was sitting up in a protective stance growling when Jake knocked on my door.”

Misha laughed, “Really that’s great news.” Abruptly Misha’s smile fell as his demeanor changed. “But that’s not what I wanted to talk to about.”

Apprehensively Jared put his coffee down. “What is it?”

“Word got out.”

“I would imagine. The cotillion is next week.”

“No, not that, but that you’re passing a pedigree off as a mutt.”


Behind him he heard Sam curse then ask, “That true? Is Jensen a pedigree?”

Jared didn’t know what to say. He had trusted Sam as Jensen’s handler, but he hadn’t shared Jensen’s origin with her. When he didn’t answer, she swore again and sat down.

Almost defensively he stuttered out, “Technically she’s not a pedigree since she was never branded.”

“But she’s from a litter, farm bred?”

Misha answered for him. “Apparently she was stolen then got lost in the system. We’re lucky she didn’t die.”

“But farm bred? Shit, even before branding there’ll be a record…” Sam gasped, as she realized the full extent of what Jared had done. “You just had her imprint on you knowing she’s someone else’s property.”

“Jenny’s mine, her litters are mine - don’t think otherwise.”

“Jared you’re going to need to brand her, now before the cotillion. Also I think you’ll need more supporters. Who’s scheduled to come?”

“I don’t know, I left the details to Martin. I imagine all of the west coast elders will be there… otherwise I have no idea.”

Sam asked, “Did you at least investigate her lineage?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“God damn it Jared, it matters and you know it does. This doesn’t just affect you. None of the council Elders are going to believe that I didn’t know. My reputation as a handler is on the line.”

Jared met her eyes and coldly replied, “You’ll be financially compensated.”

Angry Sam stood, “I don’t give a shit about money, and you know that.”

At her expression, Jared softly added, “Sam, I didn’t mean… It’s up to you, you can walk away, or you can stay and take care of Jensen’s pups when the time comes – I won’t stop you.”

She held his gaze and demanded, “Who?”

Jared inhaled then quietly stated, “Gerard Holt.”

Sam’s anger deflated as Misha whistled. Both had heard of Holt. His name was well known within the Association for owning the most blue ribbons for best in show pedigrees. The cost for one of his pups was the highest in the state.

Worriedly Misha stated. “You definitely have to brand her, and do it today. If Holt gets wind of this, and you know he will. He’ll immediately get his lawyers involved and it’ll be easy to prove she’s a pup from his lineage. Call Jeff he has more experience at branding then I do.”

“He’s right, and you - we’ll have to step up the training. If nothing else Holt will probably insist his stud breeds her. Where is she now?”


Sam snapped. “Did you feed and change her?”

“No, I didn’t expect to take this long.”

“Well, you better get going and go take care for her – she’s your puppy now. And don’t you dare get upset if she had an accident. It was your job to take her. I’ll call Chris and ask if Jeff can come in with him this morning then start setting up the feeders.” Sam didn’t wait and shooed them away effectively dismissing them as she picked up the phone. Jared watched dumbfounded as Sam pulled the phone away from her ear before she brought it back and told Chris to shut up and listen to her that she knew exactly what time it was.

Grabbing his bag, Misha patted Jared’s shoulder drawing his attention away from Sam. “She’s good, you were lucky in finding Sam.”

“Actually she found me. And you’re right I am lucky. Come on let me introduce you to Jenny.”

“Ah, we met remember?”

“That was Jensen this is Jenny.” Upstairs Jared opened the door and walked in to see Jenny had lifted her head, happiness lighting up her face. Although it quickly fell as she cowered in fear. Jared didn’t have to wonder why as the smell of urine and waste hit his nose.

Jared kicked himself, Sam was right it was his fault not Jenny’s. Jenny had simply followed his orders and stayed right where he told her to. Moving swiftly Jared was at her side, forcing her to look at him. Letting her know he wasn’t angry; apologizing that it was his fault that he knew better than to leave her without letting her go potty first.

Slowly he felt the tension leaving her body once she had been assured that he wasn’t upset, only to happily bask in his attention. Jared peppered kisses on her face then got up to grab a towel and a wet cloth in order to clean Jenny up.

Behind him Misha came in and squatted down to marvel at Jenny’s beauty. “Here use this I need a sample of her stool.” He handed Jared a plastic bag.

Jared grimaced at the job of collecting Jenny’s stool, but did what was expected then handed the bag back to Misha who took it and complimented, “You were right she’s a beauty.

Jared turned when he heard a growl and saw it was directed at Misha. Whether it was one of recognition or that Jenny’d just realized someone else was in the room, Jared couldn’t say.

Absently Jared petted her head, “Shh, now none of that. You be a good girl,” before turning his focus on cleaning up the mess. Swiftly he moved Jenny off the blanket then rolled it all up in a ball for Alona to clean up later. He ran the wet cloth up and down then between Jenny’s legs before using the towel to dry her, throwing both on the pile when he was done.

“No collar?”

Sitting on the floor next to Jenny who sat on her haunches, Jared rolled his eyes. “Asshole, she just imprinted and hasn’t left the room.”

“It was just a question.”

“Right, sorry. I’m just nervous about Holt.”

“Yeah, well I am too, but let’s not jump ahead of ourselves, alright?”

Jared nodded, “Yeah alright.”

“Good. Now let’s make sure your pretty lady is healthy and on track.” Slowly Misha knelt down and offered his hand with the palm up, allowing Jenny to smell him. She just stared at him. Even from where he sat, Jared easily read Jenny’s body language the distrust outlined in her stance - she remembered Misha.

“Jenny, he also saved your life and brought you to me.” Although Jared’s voice was filled with sincerity he reinforced his words with tactical petting.

She was hesitant, but Jenny turned and looked at him. Jared could feel conflict as her muscles contracted and twitched under his fingers. She didn’t trust Misha, but at the same time she didn’t want to argue with her daddy.

Jared stilled his movements and waited. A moment later Jenny sighed and gave in; turning back to face Misha, she reached out and sniffed his hand and gave it a tentative lick.

Patiently Misha waited, allowing Jenny the time to accept him. Slowly his fingers stretched out to scratch under her chin then after a bit he started to pet her, in soothing strokes down her chest. Jenny leaned in enjoying his gentle touch.

“Okay girl, now I’m going to need to do a full exam, all right? Going to have to take a closer look and make sure your body is progressing as well as it appears to be.”

Jenny looked up at Misha, a question in her eyes.

Misha smiled, and held Jenny’s gaze as he spoke. “Yes, well it’s pretty obvious you’ve retained your memories and intelligence, and we’ll test the extent of both at a later date. Though I imagine it’s a significant amount now that I know you’re from one of Holt’s litters. He does have a reputation for owning the smartest hybrid-bitches in the country. However right now, I’m just going to give you your first physical.” His hands started to move methodically as he conversed. “First I’m going to feel your lines, see how your body is adjusting to the changes: your skin, coat, and bones.”

Jared watched as Misha talked to Jenny rather than at her. He could see the last of Jenny’s tension leave her body as Misha worked his magic and his hands roamed over her body, where he maneuvered her until she was up on her knees.

“Oh would you look at that, she’s got a nice patch of growth here, and here; a soft dusting of fur. Not enough at this point to be distinctive or contrasting with her skin color. However it does blend nicely with her natural tone and accentuates her freckles not to mention it’s incredibly soft. She looks good. Stance is good, frame solid.” Misha lifted one arm, then the other while his fingers prodded each limb caressing over the joint sockets.

Jenny winced when he stretched out the limb rotating the motion that was once her arm, but was now her front leg. “Bone structure is forming nicely.” He paused at her wrists. “Let’s undo these.” Then he started to unlace the weighty padded glove that Sam had put on her hands to keep her from wiping at her eyes. The glove was specially designed for new bitches and had the advantage of acting more like a leather hoof; to protect Jenny’s new paws, to help as new skin knitted together.

Casting the gloves to the side, Misha lifted one of Jenny’s hands and tried to pry her fingers apart. They barely moved. “Webbings formed, but the skin’s still a little weak.” Then he turned her hand over to inspect the palm. It was puffed out, a dark patch of pink forming. His finger pushed against it. The skin indented but like a sponge it sprang back. Pleased with the result Misha started to put the gloves back on. “Paws are a bit slow in forming. Let’s keep the gloves on for a bit. I’ll prescribe an ointment to help the new skin. Otherwise it looks good. Let’s see her hind legs.”

His hand ran the length under Jenny’s torso to her hip and down her flank to her knees. Lifting her leg, Misha’s hand cupped each of Jenny’s kneecaps, to feel the visible thicker outer layer of skin forming there, and made note of each new patch of fur. “Her legs show no other signs of changes although each femur appears healthy firm and muscular.” Misha lifted first foot one then the other noting. “Also there’s no sign of growth or formation of paws. Did Sam jot down Jenny’s previous measurements since she upped her dosage?”

“Of course everything’s been diligently documented.”

Misha only nodded, as his hands traveled back up to cup Jenny’s chin. “Your daddy’s always so defensive. All right, let’s move on to vitals.” Grabbing a pen from his shirt pocket, he clicked it to shine a light over her eyes. Jenny closed her eyes at the intrusion. Softly he coaxed her to open her eyes again, “Shh, it’s only a light. I know it’s uncomfortable, but I need to take a closer look.” He turned the light back on shining it over Jen’s eyes. Jen tried to jerk her head, but Misha was ready and held her in place as he examined her eyes and pulled a lid down. Under his breath to Jared, “You did a good job removing the seal.”

Jared exhaled, he had been worried. Breaking a new pup’s sealed eyes correctly was always a risk. Once Misha finished, he put the penlight back in his pocket. He grabbed his bag and took out a pair of latex gloves and put on his stethoscope. After snapping on the gloves, he encouraged Jen to open her mouth wide as he explored her teeth. A finger ran over her gums. “First set of incisors are breaking through, that’s a good sign.” Afterward he checked her ears. Shifting he checked her lymph nodes then petted down her throat back down to her chest. Misha lifted the stethoscope and placed it over Jenny’s heart as he listened. “Good steady rhythm. Okay, girl I need you to take a deep breath in and hold it, again.” He moved the stephoscope over a few places then repeated it across her back as he listened; then at various times his fingers tapped over her front and back. “Lungs sound good.”

Dropping his stephoscope, his fingers moved to her tits pinching the small nubs. Jenny jerked in surprise at the pressure then whimpered in need when Misha let go. Under the erect tits her new nubs were forming just under the skin. Misha dug his nail in to poke and squeeze the surrounding skin. Jen started to fidget, pant, and whine at his touch. “Three sets, impressive. They’re coming in nicely, a good line of nubs. Okay, girl I need you to lean back into your daddy’s arms while I measure your genitals.” Gently Misha lifted and pushed Jen back into Jared’s embrace. Jared immediately found one of the new patches of fur and eagerly started to stroke its softness. Meanwhile Misha pulled out a metal contraption that looked more like a teabag holder. He opened the prongs to cup a sac. There was a small digital device on the handle and he quickly scribbled a reading down then released one sac and proceeded to measure the other sac.

Setting the device down, Misha started to playfully finger her soft cock. He chuckled, “If I haven’t seen the earlier films and already knew what her previous measurements were, I never would have thought her size had decreased. Shit I think she’s nearly as large as I am. You don’t plan on docking her do you?”


“Good. I know most of my clients favor their bitches docked, but I have to say I prefer their natural state. Now let’s see if you can still get hard. Has she held or maintained an erection?”

“Oh yeah, I even have it on tape when she came – confused the hell out of Alona.”


Jared could hear the excitement in his voice.

Misha didn’t wait for his answer as he started to expertly handle and caress Jenny’s flaccid cock until she reached a full erection. Jared hand rhythmically swept over Jenny’s stomach, pausing on the nubs under the skin as he continued to watch Misha handle his girl. Misha sweep his thumb over the head collecting the liquid there then pulled away as he opened his pack and swiped his fingers covered with the fluid into a small vial then capped it replacing it back in his medical bag.

“Alright, let’s open your pretty rosebud.”

“Fuck rosebud, really?”

Misha laughed, “By any other name… You’re her daddy you can call it whatever you want, vagina, pussy, rectum, or any of the other popular terms for a hybrid bitch. It’s all the same…”

“Pussy is just fine.” His fingers probed her opening then seemed to test her lubrication by scooping up a generous amount and rubbing it between his fingers. “And she’s developing nicely. After her first heat cycle we’ll do an ultrasound and check her uterus make sure her womb is fully developed. So far she’s got a nice slickness. It’s not quite thick enough but she’s producing a generous amount.” Misha finger her walls.

Jared leaned in to get a closer look as he watched Misha’s long fingers open Jenny further as he insert a second finger, forcibly pushing passed her muscular ring. Misha rotated his fingers as if he was feeling around; pushing past some inner barrier when Jenny moaned her hips tilted up engulfing Misha’s fingers. “Her hyman’s broken, you used a dildo?”

“Yeah we had to. I wanted to do it myself, but when Martin told me the cotillion was pushed up I had to let Sam have the pleasure. It’s been filmed if you need to see her reactions? Why is there a problem?” Jared asked worriedly.

“No, not at all, under the circumstances her progression is stellar. Do you know off hand if the dildo was human or stud?”

Behind Misha Sam answered, for him “Stud.” Beside her stood Jeff Morgan. “She easily took the knots inflation, five pumps to one and a quarter inches.”

Jeff smiled, and stepped forward before he squatted down trying not to frighten Jenny. “Not bad for a new pup.” Quietly Jeff added in greeting, “Jared, Misha.”

Jared had just looked up to acknowledge Jeff when Misha distracted Jenny by adding a third finger and thrust forward, pistoning his fingers in and out of her wet opening hard enough everyone heard the affects that was quickly drowned out as Jenny started to whimper in need.

Jared didn’t have to look around to know everyone had their eyes on his girl as her hips tilted up taking everything Misha gave her, and needing more.

Sam piped in, “Sounds like she’s up for the challenge.”

Jeff scooted closer; his eyes followed Misha’s fingers as he easily manipulated Jenny’s body, before Jeff asked. “Maybe, are you finished with her exam?”

“Haven’t weighed her and still need to take a blood sample and give her, her shots. Otherwise yes.”

“I’d suggest you can hold off on weighing her. Also if I’m going to brand her, it’ll be better if you let her orgasm before I start. She’ll be more relaxed. Afterward you can take a blood sample and give her, her shots along with a mild sedative.”

Misha nodded as he concurred with Jeff his former mentor and business partner. Retired, Jeff had been a licensed vet with the Association for nearly a decade before he left his practice. Citing he was tired of fighting a system of laws, with more loopholes large enough for his truck to drive through. His biggest complaint was that the Association refused to acknowledge the growing number of owner’s lack of care in raising hybrid pups. When Jeff officially retired, Misha took over his practice, deciding it was better to fight and make changes within the current system.

Jared agreed the Association needed to change, needed new blood, new elders. It was the driving force behind his decision to enter into the political arena. Like Martin he had an agenda, only with the money, and the family name to back him. Now with Jenny he’d soon have litters to build off of, increasing the Padalecki name.

Misha didn’t pause and continued thrusting his fingers into Jenny’s sloppy hole. “Sam, could you go get me a stud dildo. I don’t think she’ll last long.” Addressing Jeff Misha stated. “If you’re going to brand her after, you better go ahead and charge up.”

It took Jared a moment to realize Jeff didn’t move and was staring at him, giving him the opportunity to back out. Jared met his gaze as Jeff asked, “You sure?”

“Yes. I want her branded house Padalecki, but more importantly my house.” Then guiltily Jared glanced at Sam and wondered if she didn’t tell Jeff about Holt.

Jeff announced. “She told me. It doesn’t make a difference. I don’t care about Holt, I care about you. Branding this young pup is permanent; you’re committing to be responsible and own her for the duration of her life.”

Jared held Jeff’s intense gaze and didn’t waver when he seriously answered. “Exactly.”

They stayed like that for a long moment. Jared swallowed and allowed Jeff to read whatever was on his face because it only reflected what was in his heart. Jenny was his.

Finally the corners of Jeff’s mouth tilted up as he said. “Okay.” Moving Jeff grabbed his bag and started to set up his equipment.

Sam took Jeff’s place as she handed Misha the dildo. Misha didn’t waste any time and removed his fingers only to replace it with the cockhead. He rubbed the head over Jenny’s wet hole only once before he sank the cock in deep. He held it there for only a brief moment then rotated the dildo and rocked it side to side before he started moving it back out. Once he hit bottom Misha praised Jenny. “Good girl. Not even in a full heat, but you’re an eager bitch, aren’t you girl?”

Misha quickly set a pace that was fast building a chorus of wet sounds that were intermingled with Jenny’s cries as she pushed back arching her hips up to meet each of Misha’s downward thrusts.

Sam held the pump waiting for the order to start inflating the knot. Misha didn’t look in her direction, but he addressed Sam. “Did you inflate the knot while it was inserted or did you fuck it through her hole?”

Sam answered, “Inserted.”

Keeping up the rhythm he’d created, Misha spoke. “All right, let’s see how she takes it being fucked hard pass her rim. Go ahead and start inflating. You said five pumps?”

Sam started to squeeze the pump, “Yes.”

“Although her hormones are dictating her movements; I’m sure she’ll have an easier time, if her daddy talks her through it?”

Jared took the cue and bent down so Jenny focused on him. “Does that feel good girl? Do you feel it, the knot trying to get inside you? I know you’re daddy’s good bitch, you’ll be good for Harley won’t you?”

Misha’s hand slowed down as he had trouble shoving the knot pass her muscled ring. “Shh, relax. That’s it take that big knot for your daddy. Swallow that knot; show me how much you want it to be Harley breeding you.”

Jenny looked up, her tongue hanging out of her mouth panting, eyes blown wide in excitement as she lay back in her daddy’s arms rocking her hips up into Misha’s hand as he continued to fuck her.

Jared didn’t have to see Misha physically push the knot in he could see it had reflected in the dazed shocked expression on Jenny’s face. Her lips open bowed into an O of pain and ecstasy.

Jared’s hands carded up and down her sides, his heart bursting with love. “Baby you’re so excited. I bet you’re going to love it even more when it’s Harley’s knot that breeches that pussy. You gonna wag you tail pushing your hole back for your big stud to mount and tie his big knot inside you? And daddy’s going to be right there watching it all as Harley fills you with his seed so he can breed you full of puppies.”

It didn’t take any more as Jenny came; a small splattering of hybrid sperm decorating her stomach while her muscles clamped down tight on the knot filling her.

Misha asked, “What was it Sam?”

“Seven. Girl took seven pumps – amazing.” Sam’s finger ran through the evidence Jenny left. “I have to say, I wasn’t too sure about working long term with an undocked bitch, but to see this kind of reaction every day… it has merits, something I can definitely get used to.”

“Good,” Jared announced defiantly, “because she’ll never be docked as long as I own her. Jeff you ready?”

“Be right there. Where do you want it, right hip?”

“The Padalecki house symbol on her right hip…” Jared swallowed against the lump forming in his throat, but he looked down into Jenny’s face and swelled with pride. She’d be his forever. “And a small one on her collar bone. My house, that’ll show on the left of where her tags will hang.”

“Jared you can’t be serious?” It was Misha who asked. “She’s only your first bitch not your last.”

“You’re wrong; she’s the one that matters.” Ignoring Misha, Jared turned to Jeff and demanded, “Do it.”

Jeff carefully brought his equipment over. “I’ll start sketching the design first. I suggest you draw her blood now, and give her, her shots including the sedative, but keep it mild in case we need to give her more after.” Jeff glanced between Sam and Jared, “If you haven’t seen a branding before – the stench of burnt flesh, its rough. If you don’t think you can take it, I suggest you leave. Once I start, it’ll be better for her if there are no interruptions.”

Jared insisted. “I’m staying. If she has to endure it then so do I.”

Jared turned waiting for any of them to contradict him. No one did however Jared heard if grudgingly an inflection of respect as Jeff answered, “Fine” when he knelt down.

Sam stood, “If you boys have it all under control, I think I’ll pass. Anything I can do in the meantime?”

Jeff paused and looked over to Sam, and asked. “If you don’t mind could you check on my baby girl and let Chris know I’m just getting started.”

“Will do, and if you boys have the stomach for it later I’ll have lunch waiting for you.” Sam didn’t wait for a reply and headed out closing the door behind her.

Jeff opened his case and helped Jared maneuver Jenny’s body so her hip was facing him. He took a drawing of the Padalecki house symbol and stood it up against his case while he took a washable felt pen and started to sketch. The symbol’s dimensions covered Jenny’s hip, just over five inches in length and two inches wide.

Jared turned and watched transfixed as Misha drew a vial of blood then proceeded to give Jenny a series of shots that’d have to be repeated in four weeks. Suddenly nervously Jared glanced over at Jeff. “How badly is it going to hurt her?”

Jeff stopped what he was doing. “I’ll be branding her, burning her flesh with a permanent mark.” Jeff sighed, “The outline of the design is simple enough, but it’ll be the fill that’ll take longer. It's going to hurt, but not as badly as you'd think. I'm using a surgicalcauteringpen.” Jeff picked it up to show Jared, “which as you can see looks a bit closer to a tattoo gun. Yet it’ll handle the job quite well and allow me the flexibility I need to wield the design. Like any permanent branding it does cause three degree burns as it goes down 3 or 4 layers of skin killing the nerve endings. Although she’s a pup, she’s in transition and her outer skin is more human than bitch. That’s the main reason why I’ve opted against using the Association’s more traditional method of a heated iron. On human skin it’s more painful and the healing time longer where she’d be more prone to infection, septic shock and permanent damage to the underlying muscles.”

Jared only asked, “But legally will it reinforce and protect my claim on her from Holt?”

“Legally, right now yes. Later on we might have to do touch ups. It’ll depend on how it heals. We’ll have to see. If we do have to do any touch ups, I strongly suggest we wait until she’s old enough – after her first heat when she’s fully transitioned by then her skin will be tougher, the hide of a bitch. Do you want me to continue?”

Quietly Jared stated “Yeah” as his fingers repeatedly combed through Jenny’s hair.

Nodding Jeff returned to his work.

It didn't take Jeff long to complete his sketch. The symbol for Jared's house was simple. Three symbols that had protected Padalecki livestock for over a hundred and fifty years: A large capital P which flowed into a capital K then into a capital L that ended with a curved quarter circle finished the brand off. His own personal symbol that would be more complicated set by Jenny's collarbone, a detailed flaming sun with his initials inside.

“All set?”

Jared looked up only to realize Jeff was talking to Misha.

“Okay, I’m as prepared as I’ll ever be.”

“Good, I’m ready then. It’s important she stay still.” Jeff turned to Jared, “You’re her daddy; she imprinted on you so you’ll have to keep her calm and focused – alright?”

Jared took a deep breath and looked down into Jenny’s eyes who smiled back at him, her eyes shining in trust. Slowly he exhaled and plunged ahead, “Okay Jenny, I know you’ve been listening and I know you understand what’s going on. I have to have Jeff mark you so no one will take you away from me. It’s going to hurt, but I need you to stay still. I’ll be right here with you every step of the way, okay?”

Jenny nodded her consent and turned her head so she was licking the crook of his arm. Jared bit his lip, but nodded a go ahead to Jeff.

Out of the corner of his eye, Jared watched Jeff pick up the cautering pen to bring it down on Jenny’s skin. In his arms Jenny did no more than quiver against his body and continued to bath Jared’s arm – whether it was to comfort him or herself, Jared couldn’t say.

Jared listened to the hum of the pen, saw the small sparks as Jeff lowered and lifted the instrument over and over again, zapping a burn into Jenny’s flesh until it covered the symbols Jeff had drawn over Jenny’s hip.

The stench of burned flesh filled his nostrils, until his stomach rolled with every instinct telling him to get up and run to the bathroom to throw up. Forcibly he swallowed the bile down. Reopening his eyes Jared gazed down at his girl and started to quietly hum; rubbing soothing circles over Jenny’s back. He hated doing this to her, but there was no way he was going to take the chance in facing any of the council at the cotillion without a full claim on her. He didn’t know Holt personally only of his holdings and the number of blue ribbons he was renowned for. Otherwise the man was a recluse with a reputation that Jared had only heard through rumors that boiled down to: the man was ruthless and led his farms with an iron hand.

Back in Texas Jared trusted enough council members to go to them for help in dealing with Holt, but he wasn’t in Texas and here in California he only trusted those who were under his employ and those who were in his house right now. Everyone else had a political agenda, even Martin. The end result, Jared knew it wouldn’t matter that he didn’t steal Jenny and had only found her years later when her body should have broken down once after hitting puberty. If Holt wanted her back he had the power and political force to back him up, and realistically put any Padalecki holdings in jeopardy. Regardless that Jared saved the young pup.

Jared only hoped having the imprint and double branding showed Holt and the other Elders how committed he was to Jenny.

Nearly two hours later Jeff shifted and put down the cautering pen. He was finished and he pulled back, allowing them to examine his handy work on Jenny’s hip. It was Misha who responded, “Looks perfect.”

“It is.” Jeff dryly stated with a smirk as he stood. “Check her out; I’ll be right back I’m going to use the facilities.” Over his shoulder he added in no one in particular, “You might want to stretch before I start up again.”

When Jared didn’t move Misha shrugged and proceeded to exam Jenny: checking her gums then listening to her heart. When he was done he stated, “She’s okay.” Nudging him Misha asked, “So what about you? Are you okay?”

Flippantly Jared answered. “I’m not the one who had to suffer in pain for hours.”

“Right, you could have fooled me… Listen Jared, unless you were planning on selling her down the road it was necessary and you know it.”

“I’m never going to sell her, she’s family.”

“I know, you love her; have since the moment you laid eyes on her. You’re doing the right thing.”

Jared turned to his friend, relieved that Misha understood.

Suddenly Jeff’s voice boomed out, “So what do you think?”

Startled by the question Jared turned toward Jeff and just stared, blinking before he awkwardly leaned over to take a closer look at the brand. “Shouldn’t you put something on it?”

“No, it’s basically a third degree burn. It needs to air.”

Misha reassuringly patted his back. “I’ll wrap a dressing over it when Jeff’s done.” Turning to Jeff, Misha informed him of Jenny’s vitals. “She’s doing surprisingly well. No sign of shock and her heart’s strong.”

“Good. The brand on the chest, that’s going to take longer. You ready?”

Jared just kissed the top of Jenny’s head, and waited for Jeff to sit back down.

The room descended into silence as Jeff worked. First he sketched out Jared’s personal brand, one that only Harley wore then he quickly started working on the brand singeing Jenny’s flesh. Jeff’s hand was steady as he held the cauterizing pen with skilled precision. Two hours in, Misha stood and stretched before he left for bathroom break. Jeff only hesitated a moment wondering if he needed to go then started up again.

The pain Jared was causing his girl ate at him. Jeff and Misha had both tried to reassure him it was less painful since it was killing the nerve endings. That it was more like having a tattoo done. He wanted to laugh at the suggestion that a tattoo was pain free. With Harley bred as a third generation stud, Jared had had him branded in the traditional manner as soon as he was old enough. Although obviously painful, it was quick and over with within minutes. This, what he was forcing Jenny to endure was taking hours.

At one point Misha handed him a bottle to feed Jenny. His stomach twisted at the thought of food; then again as he remembered she hadn’t eaten yet this morning. Cursing himself he tried to focus on Jenny’s needs and offered her the teat. At first it just sat in her mouth, but slowly she started suckling with growing enthusiasm.

During the second bottle when Jenny was just slowly nursing for comfort rather than hunger Jared’s fingers started to rhythmically caress her throat and paused when he felt her adam’s apple. He marveled at the simple wonders of a trans human bitches physical characteristics: the mix of both male and female, human and canine. Outwardly to an ordinary person on the street Jenny’s appearance was of a human male. Even the few patches of fur, though soft to the touch they were nearly translucent of color. The majority of her changes were internal. In time, she would show a few more outward changes. From little changes such as a darker pigment to her fur covering more skin or as it appeared now in patches. To larger changes, the shift of bones, and paws forming. At the moment only her fingers and palms showed any signs of becoming paws whereas her feet and toes remained human. Without knowing her full lineage they could only guess what physical characteristics she’d inherit. Though Jared didn’t care, he loved her just as she was. Hell the truth was even if she wasn’t born a trans bitch, if she had been born a human male – even one within the Association - he would have pursued Jensen and made him his own regardless.

Misha was right, from the moment he spotted Jensen; Jared fell hard and had to have her. At first it was her beauty that had called to him, an attraction that grew into a fascination when he discovered Jensen was litter born. At first it was just curiosity of how the hell she could have survived that long without the nutrients her body needed then his interest catapulted into full blown obsession running into need and possession to love. Now he couldn’t image his life without her at his side – just the thought pained him.

He had been so involved in his thoughts, Jared didn’t realize when Jeff finished and turned off the cautering pen until Misha shot Jenny with another sedative, sending her off into a deep sleep. Misha then carefully wrapped up both brandings.

Once he was done Jared glanced at his bed. “I’m going to move her into the bed.” It wasn’t a question, but Misha stared at him.

Jared could see Misha was surprised by his suggestion and saw him share a meaningful look with Jeff. Misha had opened his mouth to dissuade him, but Jared cut him off before he could. “She’s already imprinted, I followed Association’s traditions and set up a nesting – it was filmed for easy documentation. Jenny’s mine now and if I want her in my bed she’ll be in my bed.”

Taking extra care Jared shifted so he could lift Jenny and moved her to the bed without looking behind him, knowing full well that Misha and Jeff were silently conversing over his unusual behavior. Traditionally trans bitches were treated just as new pups, resting and learning their place in a comforting nest. The fact that he stayed up and sat with Jenny throughout her imprinting sent up flags to his staff and friends that for him Jenny was different. That he didn’t consider Jenny to be a typical trans bitch. Jared might have worried if it had been anyone else, but he knew his staff and Misha and Jeff were also long life friends.

Over his shoulder he called out as he stood by the bed holding Jenny. “Will you pull down the sheets for me?”

Jeff and Misha were there one on each side of the bed as they took off the extra pillows and pulled down the comforter, blanket and sheets. Careful not to bump her hip Jared laid Jenny down. Lingering Jared’s fingers hover above the bandage. “How long before she’ll heal?”

Jeff answered, “She’s healthy, so only a day maybe two because she’s in transition.”

Turning Jared looked toward Jeff to check and make sure he wasn’t sugar coating it then nodded. Misha coughed and fidgeted like he was nervous, but Jared quickly averted his eyes when he asked. “Jared, are you going to be okay?”

“Of course, why?” Silently kicking himself for adding why, giving Misha permission to prod him further with questions he didn’t want to answer.

“Going through with the cotillion? Watching her get mounted?”

Jared fixed Misha with a ‘what the fuck’ expression.

“You appear to be” Misha swallowed and added, “very attached.”

“I am. She’s my new pup, my first bitch. I didn’t want to rush or endanger her transition – you know that. But I’m excited to see Harley mount her, and he will before the cotillion. You’re right I’m not overly excited about the rest, but it’s a cotillion it’s going to happen.” Jared could see Misha wasn’t buying it. “Fact is I have a lot riding on Jenny performing well. First, there’s the threat of Holt. Second, she’s still in transition. I have only what four days to train her. Not just Harley mounting her, but I still need to present her to be exhibited by the Elders. It’s in my best interest if they see her dripping wet wagging her ass in excitement to be mounted before I lead her up the breeding bench. Jenny’s response is going to dictate my position, and I’ve worked too hard to get where I’m at.”

“You sure that’s all it is?”

Jared didn’t bother to answer letting the question just hang there.

Jeff broke the silence. “All right then. Let her rest until the morning then tomorrow, you need to build up her strength and start walking her. Let her outside, use the dildo regularly to build up her stamina. Use the staff to act like the Elders, let her get used to being touched. By the way since you’re not docking her, I’d use either a cock ring or cock cage it’ll help to build up her excitement.”

“Thank you. Now if you don’t mind, get out. Jenny needs to rest. I’ll start training first thing tomorrow.”

Jared could see Misha was about to protest, but Jeff intervened by clasping his shoulder and maneuvering Misha toward the door.

Jared met Jeff’s eyes offering a silent thanks before Jeff closed the door behind them.

A moment later he could hear them descend the stairs just as easily as he heard Steve directing the activity downstairs. Soon he'd have to leave and make an appearance downstairs to check with his staff how preparations for the cotillion were coming along, but for now his priority was Jenny; to see that his girl was resting comfortably.

Alone, Jared turned to Jenny. Carefully he got in the bed beside her and stared at the covered brand with his initals just below Jenny’s collarbone. Reaching out his hand landed just below the bandage; his finger touched and flicked back and forth against its edge. Flinching when he inhaled and could still smell the lingering stench of burnt flesh, it was still the first time Jared started to breathe easier. A weight had lifted as his relief settled knowing that whatever happens at the cotillion one thing was certain Jenny was forever marked as his.

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